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#108 duplicate Need to change architecture to install libgcc1 Lewis Rosenthal

libgcc1 is only available under the experimental repository in the pentium4 directory. It is a dependency for some other updated packages.


[c:\]python -c 'import yum, pprint; yb = yum.YumBase(); pprint.pprint(yb.conf.yumvar, width=1)'

on my ThinkPad? T43, I get:

{'arch': 'i386',
 'basearch': 'i386',
 'releasever': '00',
 'uuid': '33be946f-3eac-4502-a6e7-7d86c5223c7c'}

which isn't going to get me down to the pentium4 directory, so:

yum info libgcc1

yields no results.

I had no platform file in /etc/rpm. Creating that with:


got me the proper arch, and allowed me (with exactarch=0 in yum.conf, at least) to reach packages in the pentium4 directory.

I suggest adding an i386 package (and perhaps others) to change architectures by adding the proper platform file (at least). I am unsure of what architecture changes should be possible.

#109 fixed usbcalls, usbcalls-debug, and usbcalls-devel are obsolete Lewis Rosenthal

The above packages should probably be removed from the repository. According to David, usbcalls is tightly integrated with usbresmgr.sys, both of which have undergone considerable changes since the release of these packages. Likewise, the need for usbcalls-devel will be obviated by release 11.10 of the Arca Noae USB stack package, which is to include usbcalls.lib, header files needed for building apps that access USB devices, and a sample program.

If there is need for an rpm of usbcalls-devel, perhaps we can repackage some of the content from the Arca Noae release and either include it in Arca Noae's (upcoming) yum repo or put it back here, and keep it updated. There are lots of changes going on in the USB code these days.

#110 fixed corrupted Steven Levine

appears to be a bad upload. Unzip -t fails.

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