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#27 fixed warpin-conflicts should use wic -p Yuri Dario dmik

WIC, starting from version 1.0.16, supports the -p parameter that returns the version number for the given package. See the WarpIn? programmer's documentation for more info.

It is much better to use this parameter than parsing the WarpIn? INI database files manually from Rexx when detecting conflicts. The former is known to suffer from strange bugs (e.g. inability to access the INI file with SysIni?).

#29 worksforme Updating package kills WPS objects Yuri Dario dmik

It seems that updating a package that uses %wps_object_create... macros to create WPS objects causes these objects to be deleted (as upon yum remove) but not created back when installing the new version. At least, this happened here once. Needs investigation.

The quick fix is to do yum reinstall <package> -- this will restore WPS objects.

#30 wontfix WPS objects are killed on package update Yuri Dario dmik

If a package creates some WPS objects in %post and deletes them in %postun, updating such a package to a new version kills all WPS objects as if the package was uninstalled.

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