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#12 invalid ClamAV install Incomplete? Yuri Dario David McKenna

I tried to install ClamAV using yum: YUM INSTALL CLAMAV. Three files were downloaded:

clamav-0.96.4-2.oc00.i386.rpm clamav-data-0.96.4-2.oc00.i386.rpm clamav-lib-0.96.4-2.oc00.i386.rpm

and then extracted to various folders. No objects were created so it is hard to see how to use it. There is no clamd.exe to be found anywhere.

A quick look at shows there are other ClamAV files than the three above - aren't they supposed to be downloaded and installed also?

It seems the install of ClamAV is not completed using YUM...

#11 fixed Consider adding SET PYTHONPATH to CONFIG.SYS Yuri Dario David McKenna

The 'Next Steps' instructions recommends removing the bootstrap programs after installing YUM (presumably to recover disc space). However, after doing that, trying to run YUM from the command line fails because SET PYTHONPATH is not added to CONFIG.SYS by the installer.

#214 wontfix Consider installing OMF type import libs along side aout style ones. Dave Yeo

I've updated Doodles ScreenSaver? so the cairo based modules are linked to the RPM/YUM installed cairo2.dll. Needed changes are having an OMF type export lib, cairo_dll.lib and a small patch to cairo/cairo.h to force cdecl calling convention, attached.

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