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#13 fixed YUM CLEAN problems ydario David McKenna

Any file YUM downloads is saved in the '/var/cache/yum/netlabs-rel/packages' directory. YUM CLEAN PACKAGES is supposed to delete all package files in all repositories. When I run it it says '0 package files removed'. Indeed, none of the packages are deleted.

If I run YUM CLEAN ALL I get the following message:

Cleaning up Everything Error: Error accessing directory /@unixroot/var/cache/yum/installed/, [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/@unixroot/var/cache/yum/installed/'

There is indeed no directory below /var/cache/yum/installed/, but there are a few files there.

#14 invalid SET PATH problem ydario fbakan

bootstrapping yum adds x:\usr\bin etc. to the beginning of PATH. This can cause problems. For example: When mptn\bin\setup.cmd contains


the wrong hostid get's called.

I think it's better to add PATH and LIBPATH entries at the end and not at the beginning.

#15 fixed Bootstrap 1.3 tangle. ydario David McKenna

Deleted my YUM/RPM installation and reinstalled using the recent bootstrap 1.3 package. Installation went without error and I could perform YUM commands from the YUM-console.

Trying to use YUM commands from the eCS command line directly, I would get errors that in effect indicated the RPM database could not be opened.

Comparing the contents of /TMP/YUMBT/BIN and /USR/BIN showed there were files starting with db_* and tcl* in the /TMP/YUMBT/BIN directory not present in the /USR/BIN directory. Listing available packages (from the YUM-console) showed a 'DB4' package available. I installed from the YUM-console (it also installed a 'TCL' dependency) and now I can use YUM and RPM from the command line.

Previous issues I had with earlier installs seem to be gone now.

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