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#16 fixed pthread.dll not installed David McKenna

I installed the bootstrap version 1.3 after installing eCS 2.1. Everything seemed to go smoothly, but when I tried to use YUM after installing it and rebooting, I got an error saying 'no such file or directory'. After some investigation I found that pthread.dll was not installed. I copied it from the bootstrap and now YUM works fine.

#21 fixed Libc header conflict with db.h and libintl.h Yuri Dario

libc 0.6.3 is shipping with old db and gettext headers, and has the libraries included in the runtime dll.

when db4 4.8 and gettext 0.18 devel packages are installed, this triggers a file conflict with existing files.

rpm/yum (correctly) cannot upgrade files from a different package.

the above headers are then put into a separate subpackage, db1-devel and gettext0-devel.

These packages are declared obsolete by db4-devel and gettext-devel, thus if you install libc-devel, it triggers direct installation of db4-devel and gettext-devel.

This is because yum cannot erase a package and install a new one at the same time, so we cannot declare a virtual package (e.g. db-devel) for them.

This is not the best approach, because original db.h and libintl.h are fine for many packages. But we are not adding new requirements to the installed system because db4.dll and kintl.dll are already a requirement for rpm and other core tools.

#40 fixed Install libicu? David McKenna

If I try to do:


I get a message saying 'no package libicu available'.

But I can see libicu in the repository... something is wrong?

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