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#1 rpm: does not install locked files. new ydario enhancement major
#6 rpm: automatic requires clause for python/perl code new ydario defect major
#10 rpm: file overwrite new ydario defect major
#19 Provide CUBE replacement new ydario task major
#20 Use %TMP% for bootstrap package new ydario defect minor
#22 Autodetect dependencies on %wps_* and %warpin_conflicts_* macros new ydario defect major
#24 broken installation if klibcpathrewriter is active during installation new ydario defect Feedback Pending
#25 false error-message when installing a package new ydario defect minor
#26 GNU info/man build required to read documentation new ydario task major
#28 %pre scriptlet can't abort installation of related packages new ydario defect critical
#29 Updating package kills WPS objects new ydario defect major
#30 WPS objects are killed on package update new ydario defect major
#32 LIBC PANIC!! when installing clamav new ydario defect major
#33 Installation fails when TMP is on ram disk new ydario defect Feedback Pending
#54 broken tk>=8.4 dependency for git-gui & gitk packages new ydario defect minor
#71 python: X:/USR is returned instead of /@unixroot/usr new defect major
#73 createrepo fails new defect major
#76 spec: Pull sources directly from SVN/GIT new enhancement major
#78 yum should warn if LIBC_UNIX_EAS is disabling EAs for install volume new enhancement minor
#79 False (?) error message for watcom-wrc new defect major
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