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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#331 Fluidsynth install fails new blocker rpm
#28 %pre scriptlet can't abort installation of related packages new ydario critical yum
#260 Failures when updating critical components in a batch new critical rpm
#22 Autodetect dependencies on %wps_* and %warpin_conflicts_* macros new ydario major rpm
#90 python: (2.7.6) problem determining filesystem encoding accepted ydario major python
#123 Problem analyse tool new major rpm
#127 clamav new major clamav
#150 python: deal with reverse /@unixroot replacement new major python
#170 Handling of codepages in ported GNU software new major rpm
#223 French manual page for RPM uses wrong encoding new major rpm
#246 rpm: Fix symlinks to executables new major rpm
#282 Error from Auto-update-debuginfo new major yum
#286 yum-plugin-refresh-updatesd.1.1.31-3 could not be installed accepted diver major spec files
#287 yum-updateonboot-1.1.31-3 could not be installed accepted diver major spec files
#288 yum-plugin-puppetverify required PyYAML and puppet accepted diver major spec files
#289 rpm-cron- required crontab and logrotate new major rpm
#292 can't install cmake-doc accepted diver major spec files
#25 false error-message when installing a package new ydario minor rpm
#117 Rpmdb checksum is invalid: dCDPT(pkg checksums) new minor rpm
#335 tinyxml2 packaging isn't correct new minor other
#337 os2tk45 packages should be in the Development group and not System Environment/Libraries new trivial spec files
#10 rpm: file overwrite new ydario Feedback Pending rpm
#71 python: X:/USR is returned instead of /@unixroot/usr new Feedback Pending python
#198 Cannot run yum when logged onto non-writable volume or volume not supporting long filenames new Feedback Pending python
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