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#331 Fluidsynth install fails new defect blocker
#164 gcc4.spec: Add gcc-wlink and gcc-wrc dependencies to gcc package new enhancement major
#214 Consider installing OMF type import libs along side aout style ones. new enhancement major
#223 French manual page for RPM uses wrong encoding new defect major
#247 rpm: Add %download_sources macro new task major
#259 Finer granularity for OS/2 DLL dependency generator new enhancement major
#282 Error from Auto-update-debuginfo new defect major
#288 yum-plugin-puppetverify required PyYAML and puppet accepted diver defect major
#289 rpm-cron- required crontab and logrotate new defect major
#330 os2-base spec new task major
#117 Rpmdb checksum is invalid: dCDPT(pkg checksums) new defect minor
#237 Use an OS/2 friendly version of which.exe new enhancement minor
#335 tinyxml2 packaging isn't correct new defect minor
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