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#115 Gomoku crash in QTGUI4 defect critical qtapps
#31 solidroc does not start because of missing poppler.dll Silvan Scherrer defect major qtapps
#67 biblioteq 6.66 defect major qtapps
#70 PSI 0.16-dev release crashes due to missing 'theme' defect major psi
#93 Qt Facebook apps seems infunctional defect major qtapps
#114 QEdit 2.7.1 contains Windows Icon defect trivial qtapps
#57 Using when I try to open a pdf file I get a message that it can not load the PDF plugin. Silvan Scherrer defect Feedback Pending qpdfview
#96 Supporting Rexx language in Qt4 develop editors enhancement Feedback Pending qtapps
#113 BiblioteQ version 2016.02.17 application icon freezes wps defect Feedback Pending qtapps
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