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The project is mainly funded by contributions from members of the OS/2 and eComStation community.

The initial estimate was a timeframe of approximately five months and 9000 Euro for the complete port, building on the existing Qt 3 port as far as possible. Ongoing work on the project has shown that some heavy design changes require complete reimplementation of certain parts. One additional month will be required at least, resulting in a corrected sum of 11000 Euro. As most of you probably saw, we reached GA. But this GA still lacks some features. We have completed the first stage of the Qt 4 port and now we want to get to version 4.6 with printing support, please keep donating funds to this project. To get printing support and Qt 4.6.2 we need additional 2500 Euro.

Please consider donating to the project! To do so, you can buy sponsor units at the Mensys online shop. All donations will be completely transferred to the developers.

Donation meter

Qt4 GA

last updated 1. March 2010

EuroNo. of UnitsPrice per UnitVia
11020 100%of required sum

Qt4 4.6 & Printing

last updated 31. May 2010

EuroNo. of UnitsPrice per UnitVia
2500 100%of required sum

Qt4 4.7 & Qt Enhanced

last updated 13. March 2012

EuroNo. of UnitsPrice per UnitVia
1240 of required sum

Sponsors of Euro 100 and more

  • Herwig Bauernfeind
  • Cristiano Guadagnino
  • Peter Long
  • Andreas Buchinger
  • Silvan Scherrer
  • Peter Verweij
  • Michael Greene
  • Paul Smedley (he got the money from OS/2 UA Switzerland and donated it to Qt, he also donated by himself
  • A-Net GmbH
  • Alexander Taylor
  • Heinz Meisetschlaeger
  • Dieter Wachsmuth
  • Rücker Gas-Sanitär-Heizungs-GmbH
  • Bilringen A/S
  • Team OS/2 Ruhr e.V.
  • Michael Holzapfel
  • Peter Zimmermann
  • Andreas Ludwig
  • Wolf Moehl
  • Bjorn Rietdijk
  • Oliver Cremer
  • Gabriele Gamba
  • J. Nijenhuis
  • Per E. Johannessen
  • David McKenna?
  • Anchieri Giulio Mario
  • Cheng-Yang Tan
  • Hermann Ulrichskötter
  • Juergen Ulbts
  • Mike Kölling
  • Jan-Erik Laerka
  • Louis McKinley?
  • Fsys Software
  • Dante Nishida
  • U. Fraenzel
  • Stefan Zigulec
  • C. Fields
  • Druckerei Sedlmayr
  • Steve Wendt
  • Bruce Rossi
  • Oliver Cremer
  • Microdome
  • Elbert Pol
  • David Oakford
  • SH Visser
  • Mark Dodel
  • Studler
  • Marco Pauls
  • Thomas Mueller
  • Holger Veith