Dec 20, 2011:

10:01 AM Ticket #266 (waitForFinished() doesn't work) created by diver
I think there is a problem with waitForFinished() in 4.7 Scribus …

Dec 18, 2011:

7:25 PM Changeset [1106] by dmik
Set EOL to CRLF for all .cmd which don't have it. This is needed for …
4:56 PM Changeset [1105] by dmik
Bump wmapsym.cmd version number.

Dec 17, 2011:

11:36 PM Changeset [1104] by dmik
wmapsym.cmd: Understand segment entries with missing code or group names.
11:35 PM Changeset [1103] by dmik
runmapsym.cmd: Convert forward slashes to back ones.

Nov 23, 2011:

3:25 PM Ticket #264 (smplayer 'hangs' on exit) closed by diver
fixed: thx for testing

Nov 6, 2011:

10:19 PM Changeset [1102] by dmik
Understand both WLINK and wlink in $EMXOMFLD_TYPE. Some people set it …
10:16 PM Ticket #265 (REXX errro in runmapsym) closed by dmik
fixed: Whoops, fixed in r1101, thanks for noticing.
10:15 PM Changeset [1101] by dmik
Add missing do. Closes #265.

Nov 5, 2011:

8:09 AM Ticket #265 (REXX errro in runmapsym) created by rudi
Changeset 1100 introduced a REXX error.
12:03 AM Changeset [1100] by dmik
Fix undefined variable error in runmapsym.cmd.

Oct 30, 2011:

5:31 PM Changeset [1099] by dmik
OS/2: Make qFatal() call LIBC abort() instead of exit(1). In kLIBC, …

Oct 12, 2011:

8:33 PM Ticket #264 (smplayer 'hangs' on exit) created by guzzi
When exiting smplayer 0.6.9 when still playing a movie the desktop …

Oct 4, 2011:

7:59 PM Ticket #263 (qt4-linguist, help does not work) closed by andib
fixed: Ok, works if qt docs is installed too. Although it's really weird from …

Oct 2, 2011:

6:48 PM Ticket #262 (qt4-linguist package should have dependency to qt assistant) closed by dmik
wontfix: Not fully correct. In order to view the Qt Linguist help you need to …
5:25 PM Ticket #263 (qt4-linguist, help does not work) created by andib
Selecting help in qt linguist starts qt assistant which then shows …
5:14 PM Ticket #262 (qt4-linguist package should have dependency to qt assistant) created by andib
qt linguist help does not work when qt assistant is not installed. …

Sep 28, 2011:

6:53 PM Ticket #259 (Entry in qmake created *.pro causes Warning) closed by dmik
invalid: Please report this bug upstream then.
5:04 PM Ticket #261 (Provide private headers) created by diver
some platforms provide libqt4-headers-private, and we could use that …

Sep 27, 2011:

1:30 PM Ticket #260 (Garbage in /usr/share/man) closed by diver

Sep 26, 2011:

2:46 PM Ticket #260 (Garbage in /usr/share/man) created by ak120
A lot of files in directories man3 and mann contain a fixed path: …
1:56 PM Ticket #259 (Entry in qmake created *.pro causes Warning) created by ak120
Using qmake -project to create *.pro By running qmake then, I got …
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