Apr 8, 2011:

12:19 PM Ticket #212 (UIC produces double carriage returns when using a pipe) created by rudi
UIC has a problem when it's output is redirected. Obviously there is a …

Apr 6, 2011:

9:08 AM Ticket #211 (Adjust QMAKESPEC_ORIGINAL) created by rudi
When installing the current "Qt Development Libraries and Tools" …

Apr 3, 2011:

6:27 PM Ticket #202 (Use System Tray instead of Extended System Tray) closed by dmik
wontfix: As #99 mentions in step 4, this is already planned and will be …

Apr 1, 2011:

10:58 AM Ticket #210 (Re-release 4.6.3 with SSL patch included) created by rudi
See: …

Mar 31, 2011:

12:28 PM WikiStart edited by diver
feedback analysis better explained. (diff)

Mar 29, 2011:

5:22 PM Ticket #209 (xCenter widget and "Always on top") closed by dmik
invalid: This is expected -- XCenter puts itself above all windows (besides its …

Mar 28, 2011:

12:59 PM Changeset [843] by dmik
xsystraty: Added stuff for WPI generation and updated README for …

Mar 27, 2011:

2:13 PM Changeset [842] by dmik
xsystray: Added 2px padding when no icons are shown (to move the …

Mar 26, 2011:

4:31 AM Ticket #209 (xCenter widget and "Always on top") created by martini
Hi when the xcenter has the feature enabled "Always on top", the …

Mar 24, 2011:

10:41 AM WikiStart edited by diver
changed Dmitriy's name (diff)

Mar 23, 2011:

6:26 PM Changeset [841] by dmik
xsystray: Some more logging.

Mar 18, 2011:

10:45 PM Changeset [840] by dmik
xsystray: Finished r837.
10:37 PM Changeset [839] by dmik
xsystray: Put primitive logging macros to the header to make them …
4:53 PM Changeset [838] by dmik
xsystray: Provide function pointer declarations to simplify importing …
2:28 AM Changeset [837] by dmik
xsystray: Moved instant API documentation from .c to xsystray.h and …
2:14 AM Changeset [836] by dmik
xsystray: Fixed a typo that caused the major version number to be …
2:10 AM Changeset [835] by dmik
gui: Extracted xsystray API from Qt and put it to a separate DLL …

Mar 4, 2011:

6:24 PM Ticket #208 (Avoid calling lxlite for pseudo target) created by rudi
When building the Qt documentation, the link step for …
12:47 PM Ticket #207 (omit linking produces make error) closed by rudi
invalid: It turns out, that this is not a problem of QMake, but the project …
12:27 PM Ticket #207 (omit linking produces make error) created by rudi
qmake supports the a CONFIG option named "no_link". It is mostly used …

Mar 3, 2011:

6:47 AM Ticket #206 (QLibrary::load() may give invalid error string) created by rudi
When loading a DLL fails because a dependent module of the requested …
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