Dec 20, 2010:

4:04 PM Ticket #205 (Porting of Qt Creator) created by Yagiza
It looks like Qt Creator is a part of Qt SDK from Nokia. So, I think …

Dec 19, 2010:

7:49 AM Ticket #204 (Misplacing an embedded window of VLC) created by komh
Hi/2. An embedded window of VLC when playing a video is misplaced. …
7:39 AM Ticket #203 (Corruption of VLC window) created by komh
Hi/2. While playing a video on an embed video mode, if selecting View …

Dec 8, 2010:

5:46 PM Ticket #202 (Use System Tray instead of Extended System Tray) created by Yagiza
I think, using additional widget just for Qt apps is not a good idea, …
5:39 PM Ticket #201 (QSystemTrayIcon::setIcon(QIcon) ignored if QIcon is an empty icon) created by Yagiza
When system tray already displays an icon and setIcon(QIcon()) is …
4:45 PM Ticket #200 (QTextEdit (and maybe other widget classes) consumes keyboard shortcuts) created by Yagiza
When I have a widget with QTextEdit class in the window and add a …

Dec 5, 2010:

2:23 PM Ticket #199 (Piping lage amounts of data from/to a child process fails) created by rudi
Something seems to be broking with the QIODevice interface to …

Nov 29, 2010:

3:03 PM Ticket #198 (modal child widgets go to background) created by rudi
Certain modal 3rd-level child widgets go to the background (i.e. …

Nov 25, 2010:

8:02 AM Ticket #197 (Allow developers to build documentation) created by rudi
Currently, the QT documentation can only be built, when configuring an …

Nov 24, 2010:

10:13 AM Ticket #196 (Qmake creates invalid "LIBS" entry in Makefile,xxxxx) created by rudi
When a library in a *.pro file has special chars in it's name the …

Nov 23, 2010:

7:00 AM Ticket #195 (Automated installation via WIC is disabled) created by BlondeGuy
In version 4.6.3, there is a warning page. If I attempt to install via …
12:29 AM Ticket #192 (qt-lib-4_6_3-noxwpdep.wpi broken) closed by dmik
12:29 AM WikiStart edited by dmik
Announced updated Qt 4.6.3 WPI packages. (diff)
12:09 AM Changeset [834] by dmik
packaging: Added --rev-override.
12:06 AM Ticket #194 (qt-dev-4_6_3.wpi sets wrong documentation path in qtsys.conf) closed by dmik
fixed: My bad, I forgot to add the right suffix. Fixed in r833.

Nov 22, 2010:

11:44 PM WikiStart edited by dmik
Removed unnecessary dependencies for MySQL and PostgresSQL Qt plugins. (diff)
11:41 PM Changeset [833] by dmik
packaging: Fixed system Qt path to documentation (r828 regression).
11:36 PM Changeset [832] by dmik
packaging: Fixed noxwpdep.wpi (r825 regression).

Nov 21, 2010:

8:41 PM Ticket #194 (qt-dev-4_6_3.wpi sets wrong documentation path in qtsys.conf) created by rudi
The installer for the development package sets the path to the …
9:36 AM Ticket #193 (Reconsider usage of native file dialogs) created by rudi
With respect to http://ecomstation.ru/foc it might be worth to …
8:46 AM Ticket #192 (qt-lib-4_6_3-noxwpdep.wpi broken) created by rudi
The packages 1 ("Installation Utilities") and 2 ("Runtime") are …

Nov 20, 2010:

1:06 PM Ticket #182 (Arora page loading performance) closed by rudi
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