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#164 wontfix File open dialog not sorting by name rudi

Not sure if this os OS/2 specific, but I have here a few examples where the file open dialog is not sorting the files as it should. See screenshot...

#166 fixed Arora web browser cannot locate to existing instance rudi

The Arora web browser is using local IPC to detect if it is already running and to pass command line arguments along. This will fail on OS/2.

The reason for that is that OS/2's TCP/IP does not fully support the PF_UNIX protocol family. Thus the implementation of QLocalServer and QLocalSocket does not work.

The suggested fix is basically a combination of the mechanism used under Windows (pipes) with the name syntax required by OS/2's TCP/IP (

#167 fixed Add SSL support rudi

The Arora web browser would benefit from SSL support. I gave it a quick try and it appears to be not a too big issue. Using and from Hobbes, Arora could successfully login to eBay.

Find patches for run-time loading of OpenSSL attached. It needs to be discussed, if we should support the 0.9.x series of OpenSSL and/or if we should provide some means for the end user to specify the names of the SSL DLLs. Also configure.cmd needs to be changed...

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