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#276 wontfix Port QtMultimedia module Yagiza

Qt4 port for OS/2(eCS) in its current state has no QtMultimedia? so it lacks of multimedia features. So, porting of the most multimedia applications is impossible now. Now I'm working on an XMPP client with VoIP implemented via Jingle. Of course, VoIP features are using QtMultimedia?, 'cause there is no other way to interact with audio device in Qt. So, there will be no VoIP support in OS/2 version of the application until Qt4 for OS/2 will have QtMultimedia? module.

#291 feedback pending An attempt to copy an empty directory breaks installation Yagiza

If there are empty directories marked for copying during installation via INSTALLS directive in .pro, an attempt to copy such directory cause make to terminate with an error message, so installation process breaks.

#259 invalid Entry in qmake created *.pro causes Warning ak120

Using qmake -project to create *.pro

By running qmake then, I got WARNING ... Unescaped backslashes are deprecated.

If manually changing appropriate line in *.pro from DEPENDPATH += ..\dirname to DEPENDPATH += . this message goes away

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