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#274 fixed Qt FileDialog locks up machine with Core 2 Quad, but works with Core 2 Duo herwigb

On my ThinkCentre A57 powered by a Core 2 Quad I noticed immediately after (manual) installation that the machine will lockup solidly when clicking around in the Qt FileDialog attempting to open a file.

This happens for any Qt App I tried, most notably for SMPlayer.

If I disable one or more cores of the Quad the lockup is still there.

Today I swapped the Core 2 Quad CPU for a Core 2 Duo CPU and the problem completely goes away (that IMHO rules out a faulty installation as Silvan suspected). After going back to the Core 2 Quad, the problem is there again.

#273 invalid Error when building Tea Tellie

When builing tea i get this error due the make:

EK_LIBC__ -D__GNUC__ quazipfile.h -o moc_quazipfile.cpp
make: Circular install_target <- first dependency dropped.
make: Circular install_target_debuginfo <- first dependency dropped.
copy "bin\tea.exe" "\usr\local\bin\tea.exe"
SYS0002: The system cannot find the file specified.
        0 file(s) copied.
make: *** [install_target] Error 1
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....

Source is @

#272 duplicate Flash for Qt broser tellie

Is it possible to get flash support for the QT browser. I ported Qupzilla and wouls like to get flash working also in the Qt browser. I asked porter and he says: qtwebkit is loading netscape plugins ... and as i said before, it is looking for them in default system directories so i guess there must be some #if code to support looking for OS/2 directories

Can we make this to get work ?

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