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#21 fixed Adopt other core classes to OS/2 Dmitry A. Kuminov Dmitry A. Kuminov

There are many classes in corelib that are mainly cross-platform but still have some platform-dependent bits guarded with #ifdef Q_OS_BLABLA in the common source files (as opposed to classes such as QThread where platform-specific functionality is moved to a separate source file). QString is an example of such classes.

We need to check these classes and adopt them to OS/2. A method to find the relevant places is to grep for _WIN (which is part of Q_OS_WIN32, Q_WS_WIN and other similar defines).

#22 fixed test Silvan Scherrer

this is a test to see it the mailing list works

#23 fixed qmake: call moc with generated response files Dmitry A. Kuminov

In order to overcome the CMD.EXE 1024 character command line length limitation, we create response files for the compiler that contain C/C++ options, defines, include paths and object files instead of passing this all on command line.

moc.exe invocation also involves defines and include paths so the command line length limit may be easily exceeded. We need to teach qmake to generate a moc invocation statement that uses the response files we already generate for the C/C++ compiler.

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