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#201 fixed QSystemTrayIcon::setIcon(QIcon) ignored if QIcon is an empty icon Yagiza

When system tray already displays an icon and setIcon(QIcon()) is called to set an empty icon, previously displayed icon still displayed. On both Windows and Linux in that case no icon (just empty space) is displayed in system tray after the call.

#202 wontfix Use System Tray instead of Extended System Tray Yagiza

I think, using additional widget just for Qt apps is not a good idea, when we have a fully functional system tray, supported by several applications and Odin, which distributed both as XWorkplace widget and standalone application. Does it really have lack of functionality, so another system tray implementation is necessary?

#205 fixed Porting of Qt Creator Yagiza

It looks like Qt Creator is a part of Qt SDK from Nokia. So, I think it's a good idea to port it also, 'cause there is no IDE for OS/2 (eCS) now to be used to work on Qt projects, so developers need to use Windows/Linux? to develop Qt apps and use OS/2(eCS) prot of Qt just for building OS/2(eCS) port of their apps. Porting Qt creator will let use OS/2(eCS) as an enviornment for developing Qt apps.

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