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#19 fixed Port network module dmik dmik

Provide an OS/2 version of the platform-specific classes from the network module and enable it.

This includes porting the following classes:

  • QHostInfo
  • QNetworkInterface
  • QNetworkProxy
  • QLocalServer
  • QLocalSocket
  • QNativeSocketEngine
#20 fixed Port sql module dmik

Provide an OS/2 version of the sql module.

There seems to be no to little platform-specific stuff in there, so this task is mainly about checking what works on OS/2 and what does not and enabling the relevant pieces of code.

#21 fixed Adopt other core classes to OS/2 dmik dmik

There are many classes in corelib that are mainly cross-platform but still have some platform-dependent bits guarded with #ifdef Q_OS_BLABLA in the common source files (as opposed to classes such as QThread where platform-specific functionality is moved to a separate source file). QString is an example of such classes.

We need to check these classes and adopt them to OS/2. A method to find the relevant places is to grep for _WIN (which is part of Q_OS_WIN32, Q_WS_WIN and other similar defines).

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