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#278 fixed Qwidget setWinIcon() diver

the above function doesn't work as expected. It sets the icon the first time ok, but when a app wants to change the icon later it doesn't work. The reason is, that in qwidget.cpp setWindowsIcon() the iconPixmap is deleted which is ok. But then in qwidget_pm.cpp setWindowsIcon_sys() it has a if for iconPointer. As this wasn't deleted earlier it's still available and so the new icon is not set.

#277 fixed enhance QsysInfo diver

Qt lacks the OV_ECS_2_1 and upcomming OV_ECS_2_2 in qglobal.cpp QSysInfo::os2Version()

#275 fixed Qt 4.7.3 yum install as the preferred method Machster

I installed a fresh Qt4 install in Ecomstation 2.1 using yum. Installation was verified by downloading and successfully opening a few apps. However, half of the apps I installed did not open at all. For example the web browsers Surfer and QtWeb?.

I uninstalled the yum installation and manually installed the Qt files to the root of my drive and modified config.sys. From then on all of the apps I had installed launched perfectly.

This above was repeated twice with the same results. Yum install seems to be an issue with [at least] eComstation 2.1.

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