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#284 fixed Add support for symlinks in QFileDialog dmik

A bunch of recent checkins (e.g. r1113 and r1114) added support for kLIBC-provided symlinks. However QFileDialog doesn't actually seem to support them on OS/2.

In particluar, you can enter a directory which is a symlink but it will not show you its contents. And the icon for this directory will be wrong (shown like a file, no symlink arrow). Files which are symlinks also don't have proper icons.

#282 fixed QDIR problem diver

QDIR(/@unixroot/usr/lib) produces e:/@unixroot/usr/lib when a app runs from drive e. in the unixroot case i guess this is wrong.

#281 invalid QT Creator refuse to start jep

Installed QT4 with yum + gcc etc. yum install libqt4 yum install libqt4-gui yum install libqt4-webkit yum install libqt4-sql-mysql yum install libqt4-sql-psql yum install qt4-demos yum install qt4-devel-kit yum install qtcreator unzipped the two additional packages (AStyle and QMLDesigner)*

When I click the Icon, the message appear that core.dll is not a valid plugin.

*Doesn't matter, it still fail.

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