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#275 fixed Qt 4.7.3 yum install as the preferred method Machster

I installed a fresh Qt4 install in Ecomstation 2.1 using yum. Installation was verified by downloading and successfully opening a few apps. However, half of the apps I installed did not open at all. For example the web browsers Surfer and QtWeb?.

I uninstalled the yum installation and manually installed the Qt files to the root of my drive and modified config.sys. From then on all of the apps I had installed launched perfectly.

This above was repeated twice with the same results. Yum install seems to be an issue with [at least] eComstation 2.1.

#81 fixed Error Tellie

Some programs give me this output. g++ -Zomf -Zstack 0x2000 -Zmap -Zlinker "DISABLE 1121" -s -o release\blubbels.exe @release\OBJECTS.blubbels.Release.rsp -Lu:\qt-4.5.1\lib -lQtGui4 -lQtCore4 n -x2 release\app_icon.res release\blubbels.exe SYS1041: The name n is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

I see in the makefile that it's calling this line: $(RC) -n -x2 $(RES_FILE) $(DESTDIR_TARGET) Whats (RC) for a program, the only program i see is Operating System/2 Resource Compiler Version 3.00.011 May 30 1995 But when i look for the -n and the x2 i see only for -n -n - Don't show logo

No option for -x2 So i believe i have wrong program, what program must i use..

#96 wontfix Qopengl Tellie

Hi Dmik,

Is it possible to make also the Qopengl ported to os/2? I have a a prog and thats needed the qopengl

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