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#289 fixed Fix plugin load failures dmik

Qt core caches plugin information once it tries to load a Qt plugin. If, at this time, the plugin cannot be loaded (i.e. due to missing dependencies among DLLs), an entry saying that the plugin is invalid will be stored in the cache (and taken from there next time the plugin is loaded). This cache is not updated until the plugin DLL timestamp changes (or the cache is manually cleared). As a result, even if later all DLL dependencies are satisfied, Qt will still refuse to use it giving a message like "The file XXX.DLL is not a valid Qt plugin."

This is completely wrong and needs to be fixed. It's a generic Qt problem.

The workaround for this problem is to manually clear the cache entry for the plugin which is stored in %HOME%/.config/Trolltech.ini or just delete this file completely - it will be recreated next time a Qt application starts.

#288 duplicate Implement WM_QUERYCONVERTPOS komh


I've implemented WM_QUERYCONVERTPOS fully, and attach the patch.

Review, please.

#286 fixed Qt Creator startup hangs giving 100% CPU load dmik

This is with the current SVN (r1144).

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