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#298 fixed QFileSystemModel::directoryLoaded() signal passes a drive root as x: not x:/ KO Myung-Hun


When connecting directoryLoaded() signal, a drive root is passed to a slot as x: not x:/.

Actually, x:/ is passed on Qt for Windows.

For example, see the following code snippets.

    QFileSystemModel* model = new QFileSystemModel;
    connect(model, SIGNAL(directoryLoaded(QString)),
            this, SLOT(directoryLoaded(QString)));


    QTreeView *treeView = new QTreeView;

And if a current directory is x:/path/to/dir, then slot directoryLoaded() receives a directory in this order.

  1. x:
  2. x:/path
  3. x:/path/to
  4. x:/path/to/dir

However, on Windows

  1. x:/
  2. x:/path
  3. x:/path/to
  4. x:/path/to/dir

I think, Windows is right. Because x: is not a fully-qualified path and it means a current directory of x: drive.

#297 wontfix icon corruption KO Myung-Hun


If some icons, maybe 24-bits or 32-bits icons are used, a default icon of a program is corrupted. That is, an icon of a program listed in a folder on WPS is corrupted.

I investigated this problem, and found the causes. They were compressions. Compression is done by two steps in linking stage. One is QMAKE_RUN_RC2EXE, the other is QMAKE_EXEPACK.

If removing -x2 from QMAKE_RUN_RC2EXE and exepack from CONFIG, the problem has gone.

However, without lxlite, the size of .exe and/or .dll is much bigger. So swapping the order of QMAKE_RUN_RC2EXE and exepack is helpful. That is, compress .exe and/or .dll with lxlite, then embed .res to .exe and/or .dll without compression.

Although a whole size is a little bigger, but when porting Windows programs, icons will not be corrupted.

#296 fixed SSL Problem Silvan Scherrer

It seems all or most Qt apps don't work anymore with SSL sites. The reason is that Qt 4.7 sets SSLv3 as default. And a lot sites changed that due to POODLE. The solution would possible be to have TSLv1 as default.

As info: in Qt 4.8+ this is fixed already

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