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#167 fixed Add SSL support rudi

The Arora web browser would benefit from SSL support. I gave it a quick try and it appears to be not a too big issue. Using and from Hobbes, Arora could successfully login to eBay.

Find patches for run-time loading of OpenSSL attached. It needs to be discussed, if we should support the 0.9.x series of OpenSSL and/or if we should provide some means for the end user to specify the names of the SSL DLLs. Also configure.cmd needs to be changed...

#117 fixed Add Sqlite3 backend to Qt psmedley

Quassel (an IRC client) builds pretty easily with cmake & Qt4 beta5, however fails to run with the following:

Could not initialize any storage backend! Exiting... Currently, Quassel supports SQLite3 and PostgreSQL. You need to build your Qt library with the sqlite or postgres plugin enabled in order for quasselcore to work.

Can support for at least sqlite be added?

#75 fixed Add support for lxlite Dmitry A. Kuminov

For linking Qt and Qt apps, we are stuck to WLINK (ILINK is bogus and cannot handle so many exports as QtGui? has). WLINK is not capable of doing EXE/DLL compression which results into big executables and DLLs even in release builds.

The obvious solution is to use LXLITE to compress the generated EXE and DLL files. LXLITE support must be added to the qmake framework to make its usage fully transparent for the developers.

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