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#94 fixed Implement proper modal window handling Dmitry A. Kuminov

This in particular includes implementing QWidgetPrivate::setModal_sys().

Currently, some applications may show weird behavior (wrong window z-order and even traps). Therefore, a must for Beta 4.

#98 fixed Fonts: codepage handling chennecke

Special characters in the text of, e.g., menus and dialogs is currently displayed wrongly. See screenshot. This not only applies to text displayed with Workplace Sans but also other fonts.

I guess the solution would be to either use Unicode fonts or implement a codepage conversion. Given the implications of the first, I'd prefer the latter solution.

#100 fixed Implement session management Dmitry A. Kuminov

Session management in OS/2 is basically detecting when the PM is about to shutdown and providing a way to cancel it. On the Qt side, it's QSessionManager and a couple of methods in QApplication.

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