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#229 fixed Double quoting for RES file dependency rudi

For some reason we now have quotes around the $(RES_FILE) dependency.

$(call q,$(DESTDIR_TARGET)): tmp\uic\release-shared ... $(OBJECTS) $(call q,$(DEF_FILE)) "$(call q,$(RES_FILE))"
	lxlite /B- /L- /CS $@

#228 fixed qmake: Add .sym file generation Dmitry A. Kuminov

It is useful to have .sym files for all .DLLs and .EXEs since they allow to reconstruct the execution flow of a crashed application from the process dump file which is useful for analyzing crashes happening on the end user side.

The .sym files should be also read by the IBM debuggers to show the symbols when stepping through the release version of the application (that does not have debugging info built in). Although it doesn't always work (I couldn't find why so far) it's better than nothing.

#227 fixed Debug verison of QMake used after bootstrap rudi

When the bootstrap version of QMake (generated by configure.cmd) gets replaced by the "real" one (generared from the debug version of the tool is copied to the "bin" directory and therefore used in the subsequent build process.

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