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#77 fixed Fix support for 'console' and 'windows' CONFIG flags Dmitry A. Kuminov

The 'console' flag should generate a console application (that requires standard input/output streams and a text mode window attached to it).

The 'windows' flag should generate a PM application that doesn't have standard input/output or a text mode window attached.

Currently, qmake passes special flags to WLINK depending on whether 'console' ("SYSTEM os2v2") or 'windows' ("SYSTEM os2v2_pm") is in CONFIG but these flags are not understood by a standalone patched WLINK version we use because system configuration files are missing.

#78 fixed Make binary builds portable Dmitry A. Kuminov

Currently, Qt binaries (in particular, qmake.exe and QtCore4*.dll) have hard-coded paths in them that refer to various locations (e.g. include directory or plugin directory). This makes it impossible to distribute the Qt library in the binary form (for example, in order to provide a fast-to-deploy development environment that uses the officially distributed Qt libraries, tools and DLLs which makes it possible to distribute Qt DLLs separately from each Qt application and at the same time avoid DLL hell).

In particular, qmake uses these hard-coded paths when generating the Makefiles so if the Qt library root is changed (moved, renamed) an attempt to build an application will fail because include and library files will still be searched at the old location (whose path is built into qmake.exe).

In case of QtCore4.dll and its hard-coded paths, the potential problem is locating the Qt plugins that are by default searched at the hard-coded location that points inside the 'plugins' subdirectory of the Qt library root.

#79 fixed Make sure single Alt key press is first handled by Qt Dmitry A. Kuminov

The Alt key is intercepted by PM and used to activate the native PM window menu bar or the system menu if there is no native menu bar.

This steals the Alt key press from Qt and therefore prevents it from activating the Qt menu bar in Qt applications; the system menu is always activated instead. This doesn't make sense and needs to be fixed. For the system menu, there is a de-facto standard Alt+Space key combination which should also do the same in Qt applications but single Alt press should be normally passed to Qt which will cause the Qt menu bar activation if there is one.

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