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#241 wontfix Move PM extensions to a separate DLL Dmitry A. Kuminov

There is a number of extensions to PM APIs (search for qt_Win*) that don't belong to Qt -- they are pure PM functions not using any Qt data types or structures that can be useful for other applications as well, as they mostly fix what we consider PM bugs.

Having them all together as a separate DLL is good because breaks the dependency on the Qt DLLs and their fancy names (so it may be easily used by non-Qt programs).

#240 fixed File system view in QtCreator doesn't enter certain directories rudi

This is most likely a LIBC issue, but I'd like your comment on this. Creator uses the following code snippet:

   const QFileInfo fi = m_fileSystemModel->fileInfo(srcIndex);
   if (fi.isReadable() && fi.isExecutable())

For some strange reason, some directories on my (JFS) partition don't have any permission bits set (i.e. st_mode == S_IFDIR), which causes the above code not to work as expected.

#239 fixed QFileSystemModel::setRootPath doesn't convert separators rudi

We are missing a check for Q_OS_OS here.

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