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#245 fixed qtdemo does not show example docs in assistant Dmitry A. Kuminov

If you start qtdemo, select an example and press the Documentation button at the bottom, the assistant application starts but it will not navigate to the requested page and will show the previous page (if you visited any) or the home page (otherwise).

Running qtdemo.exe -verbose shows that the URL sent by it to assistant is correct (doing assistant.exe -showUrl <url> from the command line works perfectly).

qtdemo talks to assistant through the QProcess communication channel AFAIR. This may be a regression of our latest QProcess changes.

#244 fixed qmake generates incorrect QMAKESPECDIR Dmitry A. Kuminov

Given that the binary Qt build is in "D:\Coding\qt4\qt4-build-rel" and the application source tree is in "D:\Coding\qt4.tests", running "qmake D:\Coding\qt4.tests" in the directory "D:\Coding\qt\qt4.tests-bin-os2" correctly gives us this:

QMAKESPECDIR = "..\..\..\CODING\QT\QT4-BUILD-REL\mkspecs\os2-g++"

If the application build tree is in "D:\Coding\qt\ports\1", then we get this:

QMAKESPECDIR = "..\..\..\qt4.tests\CODING\QT\QT4-BUILD-REL\mkspecs\os2-g++"

which is completely incorrect.

This makes it impossible to have Qt in an arbitrary path.

#242 fixed Filter out ".." for root directories Dmitry A. Kuminov

Not sure, if I should open a ticket for that but it's something we already discussed. Some (but not all (!)) file systems on OS/2 report a (hidden) ".." entry in root directories. In case of Creator this allows the user to change up to the drive list. On Windows this is not possible and I'm not 100% sure that this scenario is correctly handled by Creator. In order to achieve consistent behavior, I modified foldernavigationwidget.cpp to not allow changing to "My computer". However, I still think we should filter out ".." for root directories in the lower level file system code...

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