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#93 wontfix ASSERT Silvan Scherrer

openpref card game

gives the following problem: ASSERT: "!activationRecursionGuard" in file wigdet\qmenu.cpp line 961

to reproduce do the following: start openpref Menu Game New Game play a couple of moves Menu Game now it quits and gives the above error.

#84 fixed Add DosSetExtLIBPATH to QProcess() Dmitry A. Kuminov

There is a common problem of searching for the right DLLs for the application being started in OS/2: by default, the OS/2 loader doesn't search for DLLs in the directory where the .exe is located (which is a very common and natural case) which requires to put the DLL to the system DLL location (badly bloating it) or craft a .cmd that sets a proper BEGINLIBPATH/ENDLIBPATH. Both ways suck.

I've got an idea to do DosSetExtLIBPATH() with the exe's path implicitly in QProcess before starting the application (and undo afterwards) to make this search location transparent both for the end user and for the Qt developer.

Unless I discover some bad side effects, I'll do it like that.

#221 fixed Add QtDeclarative rudi

In order to build QtCreator? we need the QtDeclarative library. I just learned that this library uses the same type of code, that caused the SIGFPE in Creator's QMLJS.DLL. Find my fix attached.

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