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#58 wontfix make will not create certain modules because of a trailing backslash rudi

Using GNU Make 3.81 r2 certain libraries cannot be built using the makefiles created by QMAKE. Error message looks like this:

E:\Qt\4.5.1-os2-beta1\src\testlib>make -f Makefile.Debug
make: *** No rule to make target `..\..\lib\QtTestd4.lib\',
needed by `..\..\lib\QtTestd4.dll'.  Stop.

As you can see, there is a trailing backslash appended to the target. The problem seems to be known as it is mentioned in:

qmake\generators\win32\winmakefile.cpp, line 638

My fix was to change winmakefile.cpp and gnumake.cpp to add an empty comment to the following items:


Not sure if all of them are neccessary, but here it was required to get the stuff built.

#59 fixed "make clean" will crash CMD.EXE rudi

During the processing of "make clean" CMD.EXE will crash leaving behind a 100%-CPU-eating zombie process. The reason for this is, that CMD.EXE can't handle "del" commands with huge file lists as they are emitted by the makefile.

I don't know, if it is possible to instruct GNU make not split these into multiple commands. If not, we should not use "del" in our qmake.conf. Instead we should use "rm" and either force the user to install GNU file utils or provide a script/executable for that.

#60 fixed Include SVG Library rudi

QtSvg4.dll works O.K. It can be included in the regular build.

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