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#307 invalid qtconcurrentfilter.h generates -Wunused-local-typedefs warning when compiling with GCC 4.9.2 Alex Taylor

Compiling a Qt4 application with the current RPM/YUM GCC ( generates the following warning (often multiple times):

g++ -c @CXXFLAGS.qe.rsp @DEFINES.qe.rsp @INCPATH.qe.rsp -o mainwindow.obj mainwindow.cpp
In file included from e:\usr\include/QtCore/QtCore:124:0,
                 from e:\usr\include\QtGui/QtGui:3,
                 from mainwindow.cpp:23:
e:\usr\include/QtCore/qtconcurrentfilter.h: In function 'QtConcurrent::ThreadEngineStarter<void> QtConcurrent::filterInternal(Sequence&, KeepFunctor, T (C::*)(U))':
e:\usr\include/QtCore/qtconcurrentfilter.h:109:47: warning: typedef 'Iterator' locally defined but not used [-Wunused-local-typedefs]
     typedef typename Sequence::const_iterator Iterator;

This is quite inconvenient as certain IDEs or code editors (including mine) flag this as a problem and pop up a message during build.

#306 wontfix PNG-format application icon renders badly Alex Taylor

It's common to use an image (e.g. from Qt resources) of an internally-supported format such as PNG for the frame icon. Indeed, this seems to be the only way to be able to access the image in other contexts within the application (see ticket #305).

Unfortunately, it renders very badly in this case, with ugly scaling and broken alpha-blending.

In theory, it should be possible to avoid scaling by providing an icon of the exact size. For example:

QIcon icon;
icon.addFile(":/images/editor.png", QSize( 40, 40 ), QIcon::Normal, QIcon::On );
icon.addFile(":/images/editor_mini.png", QSize( 20, 20 ), QIcon::Normal, QIcon::On );
icon.addFile(":/images/editor_vga.png", QSize( 32, 32 ), QIcon::Normal, QIcon::On );
icon.addFile(":/images/editor_vga_mini.png", QSize( 16, 16 ), QIcon::Normal, QIcon::On );
setWindowIcon( icon );

This works (and looks) fine when rendering the image in an explicit context inside the program, such as via MessageBox::about().

However, when used as the application icon, either the wrong image size is being selected, or it's being re-scaled somehow (why or to what, I cannot tell).

Screenshots to be attached.

#305 wontfix Application icon is unavailable in (e.g.) MessageBox::about() when ICO is used. Alex Taylor

QIcon apparently does not support the OS/2 Icon format. (This is not really surprising.) However, relying on an Icon resource in a .RC allows the application icon to use a proper OS/2 multi-image icon to be used, which is nice. Presumably this is because the OS handles the rendering and not Qt.

However, doing it this way appears to mean that Qt cannot access the application icon for other purposes.

In particular: creating an 'about' dialog with QMessageBox::about() is supposed to (according to the Qt4 docs) use the application or parent widget's icon if it exists, or use the generic Information icon otherwise. However, the actual result in this case is no icon at all. I assume this is because Qt4 'knows' there's an application icon, so it doesn't fall back to the Information icon... but the application icon is in a format it can't draw, so it ends up drawing nothing.

I assume other contexts would also be unable to render the application icon. If support for OS/2 Icon cannot easily be added, perhaps the failure logic could be improved.

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