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#181 fixed Create RPM installer Dmitry A. Kuminov

There is a decision to distribute Qt only in RPM format. Two reasons:

  1. WarpIn? and RPM are competing and should not co-exist as this creates a mess (file duplication, version conflicts and so on) on the user machine.
  1. Doing it RPM-only will motivate users to switch to RPM ASAP as Qt is usually a highly wanted piece of software.
#102 fixed DBCS fonts and font association KO Myung-Hun


On DBCS OS/2, 2 special fonts are supported. They are 'WarpSans? Combined' and 'Helv Combined' in 'PS55GUI.FDR'.

Fortunately, these two combined fonts are supported by Qt4 because I can see the text of menu of SMPlayer in Korean.

The font for menu text is 'Helv Combined'. But icon text and window text in Korean are not displayed. The font for them is 'WarpSans? Combined'.

I know, Qt 4 does not support bitmap fonts. So 'WarpSans?' is replaced with 'Workplace Sans' But 'Workplace Sans' does not include any DBCS glyphs. As a result, any Korean texts are not displayed at all.

So I think, you should not replace 'WarpSans?' with 'Workplace Sans' if it is 'WarpSans? Combined'.

In addition, DBCS OS/2 has a special feature. It is 'Font Association'. That is, if a specified font does not include a glyph for a specific codeset, OS/2 load that glyph from the associated font.

Primarily, this is used when DBCS chars need to be displayed on a program using SBCS fonts only.

For DBCS users, I think, this feature is very important.

#174 fixed DIVE mode not always disabled on Panorama rudi

Our quick Panorama detection hack in gui/painting/qwindowsurface_pm.cpp fails in case the user has multiple GRADDs or GREEXTs installed. In this case the envoronment variables "C1" and "GREEXT" may contain several comma-separated words.

We should either check each word individually or choose a contains(...). Also it might be good to ignore the case.

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