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#48 fixed Enable MMX/SSE Dmitry A. Kuminov

The Qt4 painting engine makes usage of various MMX/3DNow and SSE/SSE2 extensions on platforms which support it. These extensions seem to be accessed through the inclusion of <mmintrin.h>, <mm3dnow.h>, <xmmintrin.h> and <emmintrin.h> headers provided by the platform's compiler.

GCC for OS/2 doesn't have these headers. This ticket is to investigate where to get them and how to adopt to our compiler.

#49 fixed Detect locale properly Dmitry A. Kuminov Dmitry A. Kuminov

String conversion functions depend on the locale. Currently, the locale is derived (as on Linux) from the LC_* and LANG environment variables. However, LANG may absent from the environment on OS/2 systems in which case we should derive the locale from the current code page of the process.

The second problem to solve is the ru_RU locale. According to the standard, if the code page number is missing from the locale definition, it's 8859-5 for ru_RU but it's obviously makes no sense on OS/2 where it should be cp866 if not specified explicitly.

#50 fixed Finish QKeyMapper Dmitry A. Kuminov

There are few things in QKeyMapper that remain to be done:

  • Implement and test numpad functionality.
  • Check that CapsLock? and NumLock? work as designed.
  • Implement QKeyMapperPrivate::possibleKeys(). This somehow deals with shortcut maps.
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