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#267 fixed SSL verification fails rudi

We have a regression in the SSL handling in 4.7.3. When accessing

with the ARORA or QUPZILLA browsers, a complaint about not being able to verify the certificates is shown. The reason for that is, that starting with 4.7.3 QtNetwork? no longer contains "qt-ca-bundle.crt" as resource. Instead, it tries to retrieve the certificates from the OS. On Windows, Symbian and MacOS there are specific APIs for this task. On plain Unix certain directories (/etc/ssl/certs/, /usr/lib/ssl/certs/ ...) are searched. OS/2 completely lacks an implementation.

Do we have a global file system location for storing SSL certificates on OS/2 eCS ? Generally the idea of not including these into the QtNetwork? DLL is a good as it removes the need of updating when a certificates get added or revoked ( see ). Any ideas ?

#266 invalid waitForFinished() doesn't work Silvan Scherrer

I think there is a problem with waitForFinished() in 4.7

Scribus fails when trying to check if Ghostscript exists:

The code snippet is: bool testGSAvailability( const QString& gsPath ) { fprintf(stderr,"testGSAvailability( const QString& gsPath )\n");

QStringList args; args.append( "-h" ); QProcess proc;

qDebug() << gsPath; qDebug() << getShortPathName(gsPath);

proc.start(getShortPathName(gsPath), args);

if (!proc.waitForStarted(5000))

return false;

proc.waitForFinished(5000); return (proc.exitCode()==0);

} gsPath is e:/gs/gs8.71/bin/gsos2.exe and args = -h

proc.waitForFinished(5000) never returns. when I add a debug printf before and after it, only the first one prints...

#265 fixed REXX errro in runmapsym rudi

Changeset 1100 introduced a REXX error.

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