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#303 fixed convert qmake.conf to have it working in a non cmd shell env Silvan Scherrer

I had to change qmake.conf a bit to have it working in a pure rpm env. and this env is as we all know not cmd shell based. the

    QMAKE_MKDIR         = || mkdir -p

change is a bit hackish, but as we lack isDosShell() in qmake, it's the only solution to have install targets working. I also attach my qmake.conf for reference.

#304 duplicate RPM package libqt4 contains old version of qtnet4.dll guzzi

The RPM package needs to be updated with the qtnet4.dll from

#305 wontfix Application icon is unavailable in (e.g.) MessageBox::about() when ICO is used. Alex Taylor

QIcon apparently does not support the OS/2 Icon format. (This is not really surprising.) However, relying on an Icon resource in a .RC allows the application icon to use a proper OS/2 multi-image icon to be used, which is nice. Presumably this is because the OS handles the rendering and not Qt.

However, doing it this way appears to mean that Qt cannot access the application icon for other purposes.

In particular: creating an 'about' dialog with QMessageBox::about() is supposed to (according to the Qt4 docs) use the application or parent widget's icon if it exists, or use the generic Information icon otherwise. However, the actual result in this case is no icon at all. I assume this is because Qt4 'knows' there's an application icon, so it doesn't fall back to the Information icon... but the application icon is in a format it can't draw, so it ends up drawing nothing.

I assume other contexts would also be unable to render the application icon. If support for OS/2 Icon cannot easily be added, perhaps the failure logic could be improved.

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