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#23 fixed qmake: call moc with generated response files Dmitry A. Kuminov

In order to overcome the CMD.EXE 1024 character command line length limitation, we create response files for the compiler that contain C/C++ options, defines, include paths and object files instead of passing this all on command line.

moc.exe invocation also involves defines and include paths so the command line length limit may be easily exceeded. We need to teach qmake to generate a moc invocation statement that uses the response files we already generate for the C/C++ compiler.

#298 fixed QFileSystemModel::directoryLoaded() signal passes a drive root as x: not x:/ KO Myung-Hun


When connecting directoryLoaded() signal, a drive root is passed to a slot as x: not x:/.

Actually, x:/ is passed on Qt for Windows.

For example, see the following code snippets.

    QFileSystemModel* model = new QFileSystemModel;
    connect(model, SIGNAL(directoryLoaded(QString)),
            this, SLOT(directoryLoaded(QString)));


    QTreeView *treeView = new QTreeView;

And if a current directory is x:/path/to/dir, then slot directoryLoaded() receives a directory in this order.

  1. x:
  2. x:/path
  3. x:/path/to
  4. x:/path/to/dir

However, on Windows

  1. x:/
  2. x:/path
  3. x:/path/to
  4. x:/path/to/dir

I think, Windows is right. Because x: is not a fully-qualified path and it means a current directory of x: drive.

#299 wontfix QLocalSever Silvan Scherrer

It seems as QLocalServer never emits the newConnection() signal. At least receiveConnection() is never executed. It should be executed, when the signal newConnection() (at line 131 you see the connect to it) is seen.

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