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#121 fixed Not all numbers on Numberpad work Batchheizer

Some but not all numbers work on the numberpad. 23589 all work. The others behave as if the numlock were not on.

(for example in Qoobar, Lyx, ASTranlator...)

#195 wontfix Automated installation via WIC is disabled BlondeGuy

In version 4.6.3, there is a warning page. If I attempt to install via WIC -i, then I get the text of this page and no installation rather than a successful installation returning 0.

If I find time, I fix the script and upload to this ticket.

#156 fixed QAssistant won't start David McKenna

After installing the new QT 4.6.2 (all components -dev, doc, examples, lib) QAssistant will not start. There is an error message "cannot load sqlite database driver!".

I tried running assistant_adp.exe. It starts, but gives a bunch of errors like: Documentation file C:/ECS/DLL/qt/doc/html/assistant.dcf does not exist! Skipping file. This is not where those files were installed by WarpIn?.

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