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#310 fixed Debug build configuration looks for nonexistent libraries Alex Taylor

Switching a Qt4 project to debug mode with

CONFIG += debug console

causes build to fail with the error message

weakld: cannot open library file '<path>\QtGuid_s.a'

which is caused by the generated Makefile line

LIBS = -Le:\usr\lib -lQtGuid -lQtCored

A search both locally and using 'yum provides' indicates that no library named QtGuid?* exists anywhere.

Changing the above Makefile line to specify -lQtGui4 and -lQtCore4 allows build to complete, although presumably debug traces within the Qt4 runtime itself will not be possible.

#309 wontfix Provide i686 and pentium4 builds of Qt4 libraries Alex Taylor

Our Qt4 libraries at present are only available (at least on public repos) for the i386 architecture.

It would be good to have builds optimized for i686 and higher, hopefully able to take advantage of newer processor's capabilities (and possibly improving performance)?

For Qt4 apps, the performance of the runtime libraries is something of a bottleneck. Building them for newer architectures might be one way of helping with this issue.

#308 wontfix Glyph substutition does not work for certain character sets. Alex Taylor

In principle, when rendering Unicode text, characters that are not supported by the current font will be substituted from a font which does support them. (Whether Qt4 does this via fontconfig or something else I'm not certain.)

This does work for many languages, including Cyrillic, Hebrew and Greek. However, it does not work with some other languages, in particular Japanese and Chinese: all relevant characters are rendered with the font's .notdef glyph.

Consequently, when reading text that includes such languages, it is necessary to set the font explicitly to one which supports those languages. Unfortunately, not all applications allow this (especially web browsers which use page-defined fonts).

You can easily see this by opening a page like in the Arora browser. The list of languages down the left-hand side shows several with substituted characters (specifically: Georgian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese).

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