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#241 Move PM extensions to a separate DLL defect major medium
#298 QFileSystemModel::directoryLoaded() signal passes a drive root as x: not x:/ defect major 4.7.3 medium
#299 QLocalSever defect major 4.7.3 medium
#251 MDI window rollup cannot be undone defect major 4.6.3 low
#255 QtCreator ZIP lacks QML components defect major 4.7.3 low
#261 Provide private headers enhancement minor 4.7.3 low
#270 QT_BUILD_KEY contains unnecessary flags defect major 4.7.3 low
#283 Make Qt completely highmem-compatible defect major 4.7.3 low
#297 icon corruption defect major 4.7.3 low
#305 Application icon is unavailable in (e.g.) MessageBox::about() when ICO is used. defect trivial 4.7.3 low
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