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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#53 100% CPU load in some applications new defect highest kernel
#52 sigfpe new defect high 3rdparty
#3 How to report success usage of QT3 for building applications? assigned task normal [ports]
#9 Implement the native OS/2 style for widgets new task normal styles
#12 Looking for the best programmer's editor based on Qt 3 new task normal [ports]
#19 Reduce the number of exports in the Qt DLL assigned task normal qt-os2-3.3.1-rc07 [general]
#20 Provide official binary and runtime distributions new enhancement normal qt-os2-3.3.1-rc07 [general]
#22 Implement the Drag & Drop support assigned enhancement normal qt-os2-3.3.1-rc07 kernel
#24 Dummy ticket to experiment with the Admin page assigned defect normal qt-os2-3.3.1-rc06 [ports]
#28 DBCS don't work properly assigned defect normal kernel
#30 QProcess's readStdout()/readStderr() is slow assigned defect normal qt-os2-3.3.1-rc07 kernel
#34 Spontaneous traps of Qt applications during window management assigned defect normal qt-os2-3.3.1-rc07 kernel
#35 Rewrite timers new enhancement normal qt-os2-3.3.1-rc07 kernel
#36 Problems with drag'n'drop? new defect normal [general]
#37 Static configurations link aginst wrong .lib assigned defect normal kernel
#39 Enable more examples new task normal examples
#41 Add QPrinter class new defect normal kernel
#42 Include Qt - Assistant into the build process new task normal tools
#43 Add Qt full documentation to this repository new task normal tools
#44 Include Qt - Linguist into the build process new task normal linguist
#45 Include Qt - Config into the build process new task normal tools
#46 Line breaks missing in some QLabels new defect normal designer
#47 Redrawing problems in showimg and designer new task normal kernel
#48 Include Qt - Designer into the build process new task normal designer
#50 Reconsider implementation of QString QDir::canonicalPath() assigned defect normal 3rdparty
#6 Rolex Replica assigned
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