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#137 dash hangs when it executes cmake new defect critical
#7 bdb: shared memory regions not working new defect major
#11 debug the writev()/readv() problem new diver defect major
#14 glib: Collect patches new enhancement major
#22 diff, patch and EOL style new enhancement major
#43 glib: Make tests work new task major
#44 autoconf: path UNIXROOT replacement breaks perl scripts new defect major
#45 man-db accepted diver enhancement major
#52 git: Consider setting NATIVE_CRLF new task major
#67 Perl doesn't always use high-mem new defect major
#80 Pthread new defect major
#87 cairo: Import and build upstream sources new task major
#90 pango: Fix module exports new task major
#94 libtool: OMF inconsistency new defect major
#97 cairo: all tests fails new defect major
#131 ClamAV WPS objects? new defect major
#139 Vim: port request accepted diver task major
#150 perl: Improve perldoc behavior new defect major
#160 perl Module::Build new defect major
#170 Fontconfig warning it_IT_EURO new defect major
#174 Weigh merits of (not) setting EMXSHELL by default. new enhancement major
#176 Calling CUPS API from REXX DLL causes exception in GCC1 (stack overflow?) new task major
#182 pthread: implement key destructor new defect major
#185 Poppler exhausts OS2's semaphore handles when opening large pdfs new defect major
#4 gettext: charset conversion fails new defect minor
#70 Boost: build an RPM package new enhancement minor
#89 automake: SYS0003 new defect minor
#91 cairo: Make cairo-sphinx and cairo-fdr build new defect minor
#124 less quits with sys1805 if not at the end new defect minor
#142 In web administration console, returning from a configuration change yields 500 error new defect minor
#145 coreutils: sort fails to close stdin if linked with OpenSSL new defect minor
#147 HPLIP-GUI won't run new defect minor
#186 pod2ipf missing from Perl 5.16 new defect minor
#187 File::Spec->rel2abs gets current working dfirectory for wrong drive new defect minor
#134 updatedb from findutils-4.6.0-2.oc00.pentium4 touches network drives where it should not new task trivial
#51 db4: rpm databases are still open after closing them new defect Feedback pending
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