wiki:Odin Versions History


0.8.9 (2013-02-17)

  • kernel32: Fix long string output to stdout in console I/O mode.
  • kernel32: Fix endless loop in new console I/O mode. This fixes hangs of Java applicaitons logging to the console.
  • gdi32: Fix crash in ResetDCW() caused by accessing invalid memory. This fixes printing in all Java applications.

0.8.8 (2012-12-31)

  • kernel32: Export ODIN_ThreadContextSave and ODIN_ThreadContextResore. Needed for recent Flash.
  • kernel32: Add stubs for CoQueryProxyBlanket? and friends. Required by recent Flash.
  • kernel32: Implement proper input/output console support for VIO applications in Odin SDK mode. This makes APIs like GetNumberOfConsoleInputEvents? actually work. This mode is only used if stdin/stdout is not redirected and not piped.
  • kernel32: Make all console modes on by default except ENABLE_WINDOW_INPUT (according to MSDN).

0.8.7 (2012-12-19)

  • kernel32: Add RegisterDummyExeEx? that allows to specify a resource tree simulating the resource section of a real Win32 EXE.
  • kernel32: Make LoadLibraryEx? correctly return the Win32 EXE module handle when given full EXE file name.
  • kernel32: Serialize stack trace logging on crashes to make sure it's not intermixed with output from other threads.
  • kernel32: Increase the maximum number of GDI handles from 1024 to 4096. This fixes some heavily interactive flash content.

0.8.6 (2012-10-23)

  • kernel32: Fix crash when using the new SEH scheme (0.8.5 regression).
  • kernel32: Disable Win32 TIB switch completely by default. This fixes spins in an exception handler loop in some applications (e.g. LibreOffice? trying to load JVM.DLL).
  • kernel32: Add support for custom PE/PEC/W16ODIN paths to ODIN.INI (fixes broken PE/PEC functionality in RPM packages).
  • kernel32: Add GetCPInfoEx and ConvertThreadToFiber? (needed for GTK).
  • kernel32: Add InitializeSListHead (needed for MSVCR100.DLL).
  • kernel32: Fix inverted return values in GetFileInformationByHandle? and some other APIs (this could confuse Flash 10.1+).
  • kernel32: Implement GetFileInformationByHandle? for directories.
  • kernel32: Add support for Windows XP SP3 version and make it the default.
  • user32: Partly implement MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx? (for Flash 11.4).
  • shell32: Export SHGetSpecialFolderPathW (needed by Flash 11.4).
  • crypt32: Disable debug fields of RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION_DEBUG (fixes occasional crashes in CRYPT32.DLL e.g. during playback of some Flash).
  • odininst: Register DLLs that require registration (fixes playback of some Flash content for Flash versions starting from 10.1).
  • pe: Don't add .exe if an extension is already present in the program name (this fixes programs like InstallShiled? that use non-standard extensions).
  • pe: Fix memory allocation error for some Win32 EXEs (this error could be displayed if the size of the EXE was too small).

Odin 0.8.5 - (2012-07-21)

  • kernel32: Fix a crash in PE.EXE/PEC.EXE.
  • kernel32: Export CreateToolhelp32Snapshot, Trhread32First, Trhread32Next stubs (used by Flash).
  • kernel32: Make SEH work in OS/2 context (to avoid FS register switches to Win32 context and back).
  • kernel32: Derive HOMEDRIVE/HOMEPATH environment vars from HOME which is used by some applications to locate the home directory.
  • kernel32: Improve logging (showing current FS mode). * user32: Make WM_MOUSEACTIVATE and WM_PARENTNOTIFY message handling identical to the real Windows behavior.
  • user32: Return an already existing wrapper from CreateFakeWindowEx?() instead of NULL (this is much more practical).
  • ntdll: export RtlGetVersionNumber?.
  • gdi32: Fix lost text in TextOut?() when used with non-identity trasformation matrix. This fixes missing text elements in some applications.
  • gdi32: Implement wide version of ResetDC(). Used by recent OpenJDK.
  • iphlpapi: Fix possible crash in GetAdaptersInfo?() and friends. This fixes spontaneous crashes that could occur in applications using the network.
  • Add a new shiny Odin logo to the About Odin dialog.
  • Make the About Odin system menu item localizable.

0.8.4 (2012-03-19)

  • crypt32: Fix occasional crashes in CRYPT32.DLL (e.g. when playing back some Flash contents).
  • imm32: Initialize KERNEL32.DLL on DLL init (this fixes applications that import IMM32 before KEREL32, e.g. latest OpenJDK builds).
  • kernel32: Support guard page exceptions (this is used in OpenJDK to implement yellow and red zones on the thread stack).
  • kernel32: Align stack size interpretation in CreateThread?() with MSDN (this may fix "out of stack" exceptions in some applications).

0.8.3 (2012-02-07)

  • Add bldlevel info to all Odin DLLs and EXEs.
  • Fix "Memory allocation failure" error when loading some Win32 EXEs with PE/PEC.
  • user32: Implement GetComboBoxInfo?() needed for some apps.
  • Fix crashes in CreateIconIndirect?()/CreateIconFromResource?()/LoadImage?() (seen in e.g. WinRAR).
  • wgss: Fix broken GetFullPathName?() that could lead to strange behavior.
  • Add a bunch of API stubs referenced by the debug version of Flash DLL.
  • shell32: Implement SHGetDiskFreeSpace[Ex]().
  • user32: Make sure GetQueueStatus??() correctly reports QS_KEY state (this fixes playback in focused windows in Flash versions above 10.0.45).
  • kernel32: Implement SwitchToThread?().
  • Brush up log files in Odin debug builds (human readable timestamps, output serialization, etc.).
  • user32: Support MIIM_FTYPE/MIIM_STRING flags properly in InsertMenuItem?() and SetMenuItemInfo?() (this e.g. fixes context menus in Flash > 10.0.45).
  • Show Odin version number in the About Odin dialog.

0.8.2 (2011-12-30)

  • Happy New Year everyone!
  • Make PEC.EXE keep the console window attached (0.8.1 regression).
  • Fix hang when loading KERNEL32.DLL from high-mem enabled applications such as Firefox (0.8.1 regression).
  • Fix crash when doing drag & drop in Odin applications (0.8.1 regression).
  • winmm: Disable forceful termination of timer threads (this fixes frequent hangs and crashes when playing Adobe Flash content in Firefox).
  • winmm: Lower thread priority when calling timer functions.

0.8.1 (2011-12-19)

  • Port Odin from from IBM VAC 3 to the modern GCC 4 compiler and kLIBC runtime. This improves the stability by getting rid of the old and bogus C runtime of IBM VAC.
  • Increase the minor version number due to the compiler change.
  • shlwapi: Enable SHAutoComplete() stub (needed for WinRar? 4.x).
  • kernel32: Add GetUserDefaultUILanguage() and VerifyVersionInfoW() (stub) needed for newer Flash modules.
  • Temporarily remove the win32k driver from the packages (not ready to be built with the new build framework at the present time).

0.7.1 (2011-09-30)

  • Increase the minor version number due to changing the installer to RPM.
  • wgss: Add a hack to fix changing the current directory in CreateProcess? when starting the process of the same type.
  • kernel32: CreateProcess?: Add support for CREATE_UNICODE_ENVIRONMENT. This fixes environment processing in Unicode mode (e.g. in OpenJDK).
  • kernel32: GetFileAttributesEx?: Accept paths with trailing slashes. This fixes unexpected failures in e.g. SmartGit? under OpenJDK.
  • odininst: Create "Program Files" in WINDOWSDIR instead of drive root.

0.6.21668 (2011-07-10)

Dmitriy Kuminov:

  • kernel32: SEH: Disabled unwinding Win32 exception handlers in response to the OS/2 unwind procedure to prevent endless recursive crashes inside OS2RtlUnwind() happening due to stack corruption under SMP kernel when too many threads are being unwound at once (seen as a lot of c0010001 and c0010002 exceptions in POPUPLOG.OS2 after application termination).
  • kernel32: Fixed a regression in 0.6.21659 that caused crashes in DOSCALL1 when writing to memory mapped files. The wrong code path would incorrectly invalidate memory pages on each write. This affected all OpenJDK apps.

0.6.21659 (2011-06-27)

Dmitriy Kuminov:

  • kernel32: Fixed crashes in code involving _try/except due to garbage in FS:[0].
  • kernel32: GetFileAttributesEx??(): Interpret paths like 'X:' as 'X:\' instead of reporting an error, for compatibility with Win32.
  • kernel32: Propagate exceptions further along the OS/2 chain instead of terminating the application if the last Win32 exception handler (eg the SEH one) returns ExceptionContinueSearch?. This lets unhandled exceptions be seen by eg PROCDUMP.
  • kernel32: SEH: Fixed rare crashes at process termination caused by attempting to unwind the Win32 exception chain twice, the second time after destroying the Win32 TEB block.
  • kernel32: Fixed: Closing a duplicate of a handle opened with FILE_FLAG_DELETE_ON_CLOSE would not perform file deletion as it should if that duplicate was the last reference to the file (e.g. closed after the original handle).
  • ole32: Fixed a crash when dragging an object that doesn't support CF_TEXT or CF_HDROP over an OS/2 (non-Odin) window.
  • shell32: Fixed SHGetFileInfoW(): PIDL input argument was misinterpreted as a string and the display name and type name fields SHFILEINFOW were not properly set on output resulting in garbage on the caller's side.
  • shell32: SHGetFileInfo(): Differentiate between different drive types (network, local, removable etc) when filling the type name field for paths like 'X:\'.
  • user32: Fixed standard scroll bar functionality (stuck arrow and thumb buttons) broken in February 2010.
  • dsound: Open audio devices in shared mode to allow other processes play sound when Java applications are running.
  • wsock32: Don't start a dummy async thread when WSAEventSelect() is called to simply cancel a non-existing association on a socket.
  • wsock32: Fixed: Zeroing the async task structure at task termination would prevent the VSemaphore destructor to be called which caused memory leaks.
  • general: Show a nice error message box and exit instead of crashing if WGSS50.DLL or KERNEL32.DLL initialization fails (eg due to low memory).

0.6.21632 (2011-05-12)

Dmitriy Kuminov:

  • kernel32: Fixed: Parsing .SYM files when printing the stack trace in debug mode was not thread safe which caused garbage and nested crashes.
  • kernel32: SEH: Fixed a number of bugs in try/catch hangling that could cause a bunch of various crashes when unwinding the Win32 exception chain (usually at process termination, as a result of both a fatal exception or a clean exit).
  • kernel32: Do not use ODINCRT (VACRT) printf when handling XCPT_UNWIND in debug mode since it's known to produce deadlocks.
  • kernel32: To complete the Win32 exception chain unwind support, make sure it is unwound when the thread terminates itself with ExitThread? or ExitProcess? etc. before removing its exception handlers from stack.
  • wgss: Added a hack that makes sure the system lock is released when the thread terminates. This avoids deadlocks at process termination leading to hanging non-killable zombie processes, which is especially frequent on SMP systems.
  • gdi32: Fixed broken TextOut?? API family that would draw text flipped along the base line.
  • comdlg32: Made PrintDlg??() use the native PM print dialog instead of the Win32 clone. This looks much more native and gives access to all printer settings.
  • minivcrt: Fixed _fullpath()/_wfullpath() which was broken in many regards (i.e. it would eat path components starting with "." and "..").

0.6.21606 (2011-03-28)

Dmitriy Kuminov:

  • general: Workaround the OS/2 loader bug in LIBPATHSTRICT=T mode by always loading DLLs using the base name with no extension (e.g. "MDM" instead of "MDM.DLL"). This fixes various problems like no sound in strict mode.
  • general: A big bunch of fixes (headers and so on) for SDK mode.
  • odincrt: Fixed a tiny typo in DosQueryModuleHandleStrict?() that could sometimes cause 100% CPU load at application startup eventually leading to SYS1808 due to stack overflow.
  • kernel32: VirtualQuery?: Succeed with MEM_FREE for one page when querying an unallocated address in the private arena (for which DosQueryMem? fails with ERROR_INVALID_ADDRESS). This will fix applications relying on proper error reporting.
  • kernel32: Report ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND from LoadLibrary?() when it fails to load a DLL due to missing import modules, to mimic Win32 behavior.
  • tools/wrc: Restored generating GAS output by default. MASM output is now generated by specifying the -M option.
  • shell32: Shell_NotifyIcon(): Create a copy of the supplied icon because the caller may DestroyIcon?() on it at any time (which would cause systray to display an empty rectangle). This matches Windows behavior.
  • shell32: Implemented support for xsystray (Extended System Tray widget for XCenter) which provides more functionality (in particular, "TaskbarCreated?" message broadcasting).

0.6.21577 (2011-02-21)

Dmitriy Kuminov:

  • iphlpapi: Fixed a crash when building the adapter/interface/address tables due to a bogus ioctl(SIOSTATRT) implementation in OS/2.
  • kernel32: Implemented generating the high/low index values (using a CRC32 and a hash function on the fuill file name) and filling up the volume serial number in a structure returned by GetFileInformationByHandle?().
  • kernel32: Implemented GetVolumePathName?() API.
  • kernel32: Disabled logging exceptions in release builds through RAS since this involves .sym file reading and significantly slows down applications that use exception handlers like traps for implementing application logic.
  • kernel32: Fixed a bunch of OSLibDos* functions dealing with file names that passed ANSI strings to the OS/2 APIs w/o first converting it to the OEM codepage which caused "file not found" errors in various Win32 APIs like GetFileAttributesEx?() on file names Cyrillic, umlauts, etc.
  • winmm: Accept handles returned by mixerOpen() as IDs in mixerGetDevCaps() (according to MSDN) which fixes sound in applications using these IDs.
  • dsound: Enumerate the default sound device twice in DirectSoundEnumerate?() (according to MSDN) to make applications relying on this work.

Older Releases

2011-01-12: Dmitry A. Kuminov

  • minivcrt: Use the own version of _fullpath() instead of the kLIBC one because the latter isn't capable of resolving non-existent paths (it allows only the last component to not exist) and it may also unexpectedly change the current drive of the calling process.
  • user32: Fixed national character input in a foreign process when an Odin DLL attaches to it (such as Firefox and Flash 10) which was broken in the previous release.
  • user32: Fixed incorrect code page translation of window title text seen in windows created on threads other than the main GUI thread.
  • user32: Make GetQueueStatus?() return actual message summary in high word instead of the copy of the low word.
  • user32: Fixed a crash during DnD when the dragged object was moved through the title over the window frame.

2010-12-30: Dmitry A. Kuminov

  • Deduce Windows time zone from the current TZ setting.
  • Lots of various fixes and improvements (to be specified later, this is a test build).

2010-09-06: Dmitry A. Kuminov

  • Lots of various fixes and improvements (to be specified later, this is a test build).

2009-09-21 Andy Willis <abwillis1@gmail>

VAC365 updates. Mostly done by Dietrich. Couple by Steven Levine and some by myself. src/odinprof/makefile src/user32/Makefile src/shell32/makefile src/twain_32/makefile src/imm32/makefile src/winmm/mcicda/makefile src/winmm/winmm.mak src/dsound/dsmixer.cpp src/dsound/makefile src/ddraw/makefile src/gdi32/makefile src/winspool/winspool.cpp src/winspool/makefile src/win32k/ src/win32k/win32k.mak src/kernel32/kernel32.mak src/kernel32/_ras.cpp src/driverdll/makefile src/libwrap/makefile src/wnaspi32/makefile src/capi2032/makefile src/wsock32/makefile src/odincrt/makefile src/comdlg32/makefile src/libwrap/libwrap0.mak src/libwrap/libwrap1.mak

2004-10-12: Chris Wohlgemuth <cinc@…>

  • OLEAUT32:

o VarBstrFromDec?() and VarDecFromStr?() removed from stubs.cpp.

These are now implemented in variant.c.

2004-10-11: Chris Wohlgemuth <cinc@…>

  • OLEAUT32:

o duplicate V_DECIMAL(A) macro removed

2004-10-08: Chris Wohlgemuth <cinc@…>

  • KERNEL32: Added RegOpenCurrentUser?() to registry.cpp.
  • OLE32: ifs.c, Added some more comprehensive debug output to the IMalloc interface.

compobj.c, Added stub for CLSIDFromProgIDEx().

o Added VarDecFromStr?() from Wine. o VarParseNumFromStr?() updated with Wine code o Updated DECIMAL struct (include\win\windef.h) to Wine level. o updated V_DECIMAL(A) macro (oleaut.h) to Wine level.

  • OLEAUT32: variant.c, Added stubs for:

VarDecAdd?() VarDecMul?() VarDecSub?() VarDecAbs?() VarDecFix?() VarDecInt?() VarDecNeg?() VarDecRound?() VarDecCmp?() VarDecCmpR8() VarOr?() VarNeg?() VarEqv?() VarIdiv?() VarAbs?() VarMod?() VarImp?() VarFix?() VarRound?() VarInt?() VarFormatNumber?() VarFormatPercent?() VarWeekdayName?() VarMonthName?()

Added from Wine:

VarPow?() VarXor?() VarAdd?()

safearray.c: Added stubs for

SafeArrayGetRecordInfo?() SafeArraySetRecordInfo?() SafeArrayCreateEx?()

Added from Wine:

SafeArraySetIID() SafeArrayGetIID()

2004-09-23: Chris Wohlgemuth <cinc@…>

-SHLWAPI: Fix for PathSetDlgItemPathW() by D. Teickner so import of reg files with

W98-regedit works (taking sizeof(WCHAR) into account).

2002-06-16: Dmitry Froloff <froloff@os2 >

  • GDI32: o Fixed font creation for ANSI_CHARSET

2004-05-24: Eugene Romanenko <eros2@os2 >

  • SHELL32: o Systray integration with XWP

2004-05-24: KO Myung-Hun <komh@chollian >

  • GDI32: o DBCS updates
  • IMM32: o Created OS/2 implementation
  • KERNEL32: o DBCS/IMM updates
  • USER32: o DBCS/IMM updates

2003-05-11: Dietrich Teickner <Dietrich_Teickner@t-online >

  • USER32: o Added wrappers for calling window handlers

2004-05-07: KO Myung-Hun <komh@chollian >

  • GDI32: o DBCS updates

2004-05-06: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • COMDLG32: o Update the hDevNames member of the printer dialog structure

whenever the user chooses another printer

2004-05-03: knut st. osmundsen <bird-changelog@innotek >

  • USER32: o Missing clipboard updates

2004-04-30: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • COMDLG32: o Always turn off collate support
  • GDI32: o drawSingleLinePoint: wrong pen style checks

2004-04-27: Andy Willis <abwillis@comcast >

  • IMM32: o Renamed to IMM32OS2

2004-04-19: knut st. osmundsen <bird-changelog@innotek >

  • USER32: o Changed some critical sections which weren't initiated to

VMutex to get automatic initialization.

2004-04-15: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o SetWindowPos?: do not check for position and size redundancy

2004-04-08: knut st. osmundsen <bird-changelog@innotek >

  • INCLUDE: o Merged wingdi.h from current WINE CVS.

o Added prototypes for new WGSS APIs.

  • GDI32: o Corrected a few problems due to wingdi.h merge.

o Corrected GetDIBits query mode.

  • USER32: o Rewrote clipboard code completely.

2004-04-07: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Profile: flush ini file after write actions

2004-04-06: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • WINMM: o Automatically disable audio support when any Crystal driver

is detected

  • KERNEL32: o Changed check for number of memory map views

2004-04-02: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

2004-03-25: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • GDI32: o LineTo?: special case in toWin32LineEnd when inside a path


2004-03-24: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • GDI32: o CreateDIBitmap: added workaround for DIB_PAL_COLORS mode

2004-03-24: Vitali Pelenyov <sunlover@innotek >

2004-03-23: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o MapVirtualKeyA: must convert return value from PM to windows


o OSLibWinTranslateMessage: removed some strange numpad related

hacks that caused problems for VK_DECIMAL processing

2004-03-22: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • COMCTL32: o Rebar: changed resize fix again

2004-03-18: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

o Dialog: use CallWindowProcA/W for calling the dialog procedure

  • SHELL32: o Allow shell links to be placed in arbitrary directories

2004-02-17: knut st. osmundsen <bird-changelog@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Fixed HEAP_strdupW.
  • USER32: o GpiCreateBitmap?() sometimes read too much data, allocate more to

prevent hitting the electric fence.

2004-03-17: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • COMCTL32: o Merged latest Wine rebar and status controls

o Status: invalidate window if SBARS_SIZEGRIP and width or

height changed

o Rebar: resize control to match parent width in WM_SIZE

2004-03-16: Vitali Pelenyov <sunlover@innotek >

  • ODINCRT: o New os2 fast critical section implementation

2004-03-16: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >


to (75,75)

  • WINMM: o Check that we aren't overwriting existing data in case

we get a lot more audio data than fits in our internal DART buffers.

  • KERNEL32: o PROFILE_GetSection regression fix (heap corruption)
  • COMCTL32: o Listview: merged with latest Wine code

2004-03-15: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o GetKeyboardLayoutNameA; use only the low word returned by

GetKeyboardLayout? to build the keyboard layout string

o SystemParametersInfo?: added SPI_ICONVERTICALSPACING &


o GetSystemMetrics?: corrected SM_CXICONSPACING & SM_CYICONSPACING o SystemParametersInfo?: added SPI_SETDRAGFULLWINDOWS

2004-03-12: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • SHELL32: o Disabled Shell_NotifyIconA
  • USER32: o SPI_GETNONCLIENTMETRICS: corrected caption width and height

o WM_EXITSIZEMOVE should be sent after the window position

and/or size has been changed.

  • GDI32: o SetDIBitsToDevice/StretchDIBits; set coloruse to DIB_RGB_COLORS

for high (>=15) bpp bitmaps; GPI will crash with DIB_PAL_COLORS

2004-03-12: knut st. osmundsen <bird-changelog@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Added interface to HM for querying the object type.

2004-03-11: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o More WH_MOUSE changes

2004-03-10: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Added support for WH_MOUSE hook

2004-03-09: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • GDI32: o SetDIBitsToDevice: fixes for xSrc offset

2004-03-09: Vitali Pelenyov <sunlover@innotek >

  • GDI32: o SetDIBitsToDevice: fixes for partial blits

2004-02-27: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Re-assert DC transformation and y-inversion after SetWindowPos?

o Fixed b&w mouse cursors

  • GDI32: o SetDIBitsToDevice: fixed bugs when dealing with negative height

o StretchDIBits: If biClrUsed equals 0, set it to (1<<bitcount)

Disabled DIB_PAL_COLORS workaround

o SetDIBitsToDevice: removed Matrix driver bug workaround;

  • NETAPI32: o Removed all OS/2 Netbios dependencies

2003-02-24: Dietrich Teickner <Dietrich_Teickner@t-online >

2004-02-23: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

o Edit: wrong ScrollWindowEx? call; must include SW_ERASE o ScrollWindowEx?: set background erase flag for SW_ERASE

2004-02-20: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Default CPU is set to Pentium if the one in the system isn't recognized

2004-02-19: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o RedrawWindow?; wrong check for update region when clearing


2004-02-19: KO Myung-Hun <komh@chollian >

  • KERNEL32: o DBCS fixes for console & resource functions

2004-02-17: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • GDI32: o CreateDCA: special handling of FILE and FILE: ports

2004-02-16: KO Myung-Hun <komh@chollian >

  • USER32: o Edit control: DBCS related fixes

2004-02-16: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

o DIB Section: flush used the wrong RGB conversion

2004-02-13: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

free it when the map is destroyed

2004-02-12: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

o SelectClipPath? can fail in printer DCs. Pretend success.

2004-02-11: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o HODIN_PREWINDOWCREATEDA extension added

2004-02-10: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Added ODIN_SetProcessDword function to change the startup

information about size, position and state of the main application window.

o Rewrote keyboard hook handler to post messages and swallow

the one it gets from PM.

o Implemented SelectClipPath?

2004-04-04: Platon Fomichev <pfomichev@alarity >

  • USER32: o Fixed typo in PeekMessageA/W.

2004-01-30: knut st. osmundsen <bird-changelog@innotek >

o Resynced ole2.c with current wine.

  • various: o Added DEBUG_LOGGING define to indicate logging in order to

make release mode logging possible. Changed a few places where DEBUG were used to include/exclude logging related code.

2004-01-29: knut st. osmundsen <bird-changelog@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Parse LANG to figure out the language id.
  • INCLUDE: o Synced language IDs with current wine.

This includes moving them from winnls.h to winnt.h.

  • WRC: o Synced lang2cps table with wine. (needed due to above header update)

2004-01-21: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o DrawIconEx?: handle cyWidth == 0 case correctly

2004-01-20: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Wrote wrapper for our exception handler to clear the direction

flag on entry (reported by Dietrich Teickner)

  • WINMM: o MCIWAVE.DRV updates from Wine

o mciSendCommandW update from Wine o Hardcoded MCI drivers (cdaudio & waveaudio) o Added LGPL license file

2004-01-19: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Allocate DC for windows with CS_CLASSDC style (one per window)

2004-01-15: KO Myung-Hun <komh@chollian >

  • GDI32: o Cleanup of text functions

2004-01-15: knut st. osmundsen <bird-changelog@innotek >

  • DBGWRAP: o Added optional display of caller address.

(Remove NO_CALLER #define)

  • PE2LX: o Process imports in Ring-3.
  • KERNEL32: o Rewrote pe2lx classes to match pe2lx import changes.

o Made pe2lx classes use the generic export lookup. o Rewrote the generic PE export lookup in the base class

to use a binary search and support pe2lx images with differnet RVA calculation.

o Fixed a couple of COMMIT_ALL issues where pages were touched

by winimagepeldr code before they were preloaded.

  • USER32: o Removed duplicate (and dangerous) checks on framewindows

in a couple of enumerations (OSLibWinQueryClientWindow).

  • MAKE: o Warn about uninitialized variables for C++ code.

(Looks like it give a lot of false warnings on C code, so

let's skip it there.)

2004-01-14: KO Myung-Hun <komh@chollian >

  • GDI32: o Fixed Ft2CharStringPosAtW(), passing lCount instead len.

o Modified Ft2GetTextExtentW(). Now use OSLibGpiQueryCharStringPosAt(). o Fixed InternalTextOutAW(). When using font association, the height of

DBCS and SBCS chars may be different. In this case, background color make stair below chars.

o Fixed GetTextExtentPointA() and GetTextExtentExPointA() to support DBCS.

2003-01-11: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • GDI32, USER32, KERNEL32:

o Major updates.

2004-01-08: KO Myung-Hun <komh@chollian >

  • GDI32: o Fixed FONT_mbtowc(). If charset is 0, CP must not be 1252 in DBCS country.

o Restored calcDimensions(). The result of the old is the same as that

of O32_GetTextExtent().

2003-12-29: KO Myung-Hun <komh@chollian >

  • GDI32: o GetTextExtentPointW fix

o GetTextExtentExPointA fix for DBCS leadbytes

2003-12-29: Dietrich Teickner <Dietrich_Teickner@t-online >

  • GDI32: o GetTextExtentPointW fix

2003-12-12: Dietrich Teickner <Dietrich_Teickner@t-online >

  • KERNEL32: o Fix for memory map offset

2003-12-01: KO Myung-Hun <komh@chollian >

  • GDI32: o Use Warpsans Combined in DBCS environments
  • SHLWAPI: o Forward wvnsprintfA/W to user32
  • USER32: o wvsnprintfA/W: fixed ascii and unicode conversion

o Listbox: added index and length conversion between ANSI and UNICODE

2003-12-01: Dietrich Teickner <Dietrich_Teickner@t-online >

  • SHELL32: o Fixed memory leak

2002-11-21: Dmitry Froloff <froloff@os2 >/Alex Samorukov (samm@… )

  • KERNEL32: o Support for Ukrainian language added

o Unicode table updates

  • USER32: o Ukrainian resources added
  • TOOLS\WRC:o Unicode table updates

2003-11-17: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Destroy switch entry before hiding window in DestroyWindow?.

(workaround for XCenter problems)

  • SHELL32: o Destroy icon cache imagelists in SIC_Destroy

2003-11-14: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Updates

2003-11-12: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • GDI32/USER32:

o Clip/visible region changes

2003-11-12: Dietrich Teickner <Dietrich_Teickner@t-online >

  • SHELL32: o Resource updates

o Shell file operations updates

2003-11-11: knut st. osmundsen <bird-changelog@innotek >

  • MAKE: o Added a set of custombuild rules to the root makefile.

2003-10-30: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • SHELL32: o Wrong if statement in recent SHAddToRecentDocs patch

2003-10-24: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • SHLWAPI: o Removed wrong debug wrappers for forwarders
  • WININET: o Fixed initterm
  • VERSION: o Resync with Wine
  • PEBUILD: o Added

2003-10-25: knut st. osmundsen <bird-changelog@anduin >

  • MAKE: o pe_*.obj changes for custombuilds.

o Custombuild objects goes into .\bin\<buildmode>.cust so it's

possible to build both in the same tree.

o Don't build the src/custombuild directory as it's broken.

2003-10-22: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Use WC_FRAME for the Odin frame window and subclass it. There's

some PM code that makes assumptions about frame window names.

o Updates for new keyboard hook

  • PMKBDHK: o Updates

2003-10-20: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o PM windows should have no owner if none is specified. (instead

of their parent) (NOTE: Potentially dangerous change!)

2003-10-20: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • USER32: o On init we should migrate fonts that Windows applications

installed globally.

2003-10-16: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • SHELL32: o CommandLineToArgvW bugfix from Wine
  • ADVAPI32: o Check for valid SID pointer in LengthSid?

2003-10-13: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • COMDLG32: o We should set/clear PD_PRINTTOFILE flag when we click on

checkbox to change dialog print structure.

2003-10-13: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • WINMM: o Make sure the timer object is not deleted inside the timer

callback handler

2003-10-06: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • USER32: o Wrong class names (case) for Static, Scroller, Button.
  • OLEAUT32: o GIF and JPEG static libs for IPicture interface implementation

2003-10-06: KO Myung-Hun <komh@chollian >

  • USER32: o Fixed heap corruption when changing windows text (DBCS)

2003-10-01: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Clean up global critical section (window handles) during unload
  • SHELL32: o Added stubs for SHGetNewLinkInfoA/W

2003-10-01: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • USER32: o CallWindowProcA/W: don't fail if window handle is invalid
  • SHELL32: o Add support for Unicode adding of files to 'recent document'
  • COMCTL32: o Fixed bug when calling function by pointer in MRU funcs

2003-09-30: knut st. osmundsen <bird-odinspam@anduin >

  • CMDQD: o Fixed code which messes with STD handles.

2003-09-18: KO Myung-Hun <komh@chollian >

  • KERNEL32: o fixed GetAtomNameW() and GlobalGetAtomNameW() to support

unicode correctly. (DBCS)

2003-09-14: knut st. osmundsen <bird-odinspam@anduin >

  • MAKE: o Synced with other projects using the new buildsystem (which

odin doesn really use yet).

  • TOOLS/BIN:o Updated BuildEnv?.cmd. Will now facilitate a global config

file in the ETC directory if not a local one is found.

2003-09-07: knut st. osmundsen <bird-odinspam@anduin >

  • LIBWRAP: o Do all .asm's in with on ALP.

2003-08-22: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Ignore messages sent or posted to the desktop window

o Post/SendMessage?: use shared or local memory depending

on the target window.

2003-08-20: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Do not create CD polling window by default. It can cause

PM hangs. (IOCtl blocks indefinitely)

2003-08-09: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • IPLOG: o Limit logfile size to 250 MB. When reached, reset file position

to start of file.

2003-08-08: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >


o Header parser and assembly wrapper generator

  • LIBWRAP: o Assembly wrappers for WGSS and OS/2 functions
  • USER32: o Update for libwrap

2003-08-07: KO Myung-Hun <komh@chollian >

  • USER32: o Generate WM_IME_CHAR messages for DBCS input

o Process WM_IME_CHAR in Edit, Listbox, Combo controls and

default window procedures

2003-08-06: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

o Removed DispatchMessage? change for WM_CHAR; must return

the proper format in Get/PeekMessageA/W. (assuming the GetMessageW/DispatchMessageA combination is

not allowed)

2002-08-06: Dmitry Froloff <froloff@os2 >

  • KERNEL32: o HMDeviceConsoleOutClass::CreateFile?; use current window size

instead of default

2003-08-01: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

2003-07-31: KO Myung-Hun <komh@chollian >

  • USER32: o fixed GetMenuStringA() to truncate DBCS string correctly.

o fixed GetMenuItemInfo_common() to truncate DBCS string correctly. o fixed WM_GETTEXT of Win32BaseWindow::DefWindowProcA() and

Win32BaseWindow::DefWindowProcW() to ensure null-terminator.

o fixed Win32BaseWindow::GetWindowTextA() and Win32BaseWindow::GetWindowTextW()

to ensure null-terminator.

o fixed memory allocation for windowNameW. When open 'Open common dialog box'

memory block of windowNameW is overwritten.

o fixed MessageBoxIndirectW() to support unicode correctly. o fixed OSLibWinDispatchMsg() to distinguish ascii message from

unicode message in case of the message being sent directly

o fixed OS2ToWinMsgTranslate() to process DBCS input. o fixed Win32BaseWindow::MsgChar?() to distinguish ascii from unicode message. o fixed Win32BaseWindow::MsgCreate?(), Win32BaseWindow::DefWindowProcA(),

Win32BaseWindow::DefWindowProcW() to process messages related to window name such as WM_GETTEXT, WM_GETTEXTLENGTH, WM_SETTEXT, and so on.

o fixed Win32BaseWindow::GetWindowTxtLength?(), Win32BaseWindow::GetWindowTextA(),

and Win32BaseWindow::GetWindowTextW() to process window name correctly.

o fixed DispatchMessageW() to call CallWindowProcW() not CallWindowProcA(). o fixed WINPROC_UnmapMsg32ATo32W(). len is first word of ptr not lParam on EM_GETLINE. o changed a parameter WPARAC wParam to WPARAC *wParam of WINPROC_MapMsg32WTo32A() and

WINPROC_UnmapMsg32WTo32A() to process WM_GETTEXT.

o fixed WINPROC_MapMsg32WTo32A(). When EM_GETLINE mapped, first word of lParam

is ascii length not unicode length.

o improved WINPROC_CallProc32ATo32W() and WINPROC_CallProc32WTo32A() to process WM_CHAR


o fixed edit control to process WM_CHAR including splitted DBCS chars. o fixed listbox control to process WM_CHAR including splitted DBCS chars.

2002-07-31: Dmitry Froloff <froloff@os2 >

  • USER32: o Convert WM_CHAR characters to UTF-16 for unicode windows

2003-07-28: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • WMC: o Port of Wine Windows Message Compiler
  • KERNEL32: o Fixed loading of unicode messages and added loading of

internal ones. (message file from Rewind)

2003-07-28: knut st. osmundsen <bird-odin-spam@anduin >

  • USER32: o Updates
  • OLEPRO32: o Updates
  • ODINCRT: o Use fast method to query pid & tid in critical sections

2003-07-28: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Updates
  • WINMM: o Updates
  • OLE32: o Updates
  • SHELL32: o Return 'My Computer' when an applications asks for the

'Network Places' shell32 object

o Filter out hidden files in CreateFolderEnumList? if not wanted (Wine update) o Also check for SFGAO_HASSUBFOLDER flag when deciding whether or

not to clear SFGAO_FOLDER & SFGAO_HASSUBFOLDER! (---> submit to Wine)

2003-07-16: KO Myung-Hun <komh@chollian >

  • SHELL32: o DragQueryFileW; allocate more for unicode conversion (DBCS)
  • WINMM: o Fixed mciGetErrorStringW() to prevent buffer overflow.

o Fixed midiInGetErrorText() and midiOutGetErrorText()

to prevent buffer overflow.

o Fixed waveInGetErrorTextW() to prevent buffer overflow. o Fixed waveOutGetErrorTextW() to prevent buffer overflow.

  • GDI32: o Fixed GetTextFaceW() to support unicode correctly. (DBCS)

o Fixed calcDimensions(). The width is one point - other point + 1

(code currently not active)

  • KERNEL32: o Added functions to query length after ascii or unicode conversion

o Changed the destination length parameter name of lstrcpynWtoA()

and lstrcpynAtoW().

2002-07-16: Yuri Dario <mc6530@mclink >

  • INSTALL: o Do not overwrite program files registry entry if it already

exists and is valid.

2003-07-16: Dietrich Teickner <Dietrich_Teickner@t-online >

  • GDI32: o Fix for partial blits in StretchDIBits

2003-07-14: KO Myung-Hun <komh@chollian >

  • GDI32: o Fixed InternalTextOutW() and GetTextExtentPointW() to support

unicode correctly. (DBCS)

  • COMCTL32: o Fixed PROPSHEET_CollectSheetInfoA() and PROPSHEET_SetTitleA()

to convert ascii to unicode correctly. (DBCS)

o Fixed TREEVIEW_TVItemFromItem() and TREEVIEW_BeginLabelEditNotify()

to convert ascii to unicode correctly. (DBCS)

o Fixed TREEVIEW_SetItemW() to convert unicode to ascii correctly. (DBCS)

2003-07-11: Dietrich Teickner <Dietrich_Teickner@t-online >

  • SHELL32: o Shell folder updates

2003-07-09: knut st. osmundsen <bird-odinspam@anduin >

  • MAKEFILES:o Invoke RC directly and not thru the CMDQD.

2002-07-07: Dmitry Froloff <froloff@os2 >

  • PMKDBHK: o Pass Alt-Shift on to PM (Russian language switch hotkey)

2003-07-03: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Free drag transfer structure after sending DM_RENDERCOMPLETE

o MapVirtualKey?: when mapping VK_A-VK_Z, VK_0-VK_9 to their

scancodes, use hardcoded character mapping for convertion.

2003-06-26: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • USER32: o ShowWindow?(SW_RESTORE) should start the same PM restoration

routine as WM_SYSCOMMAND

2003-06-03: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Don't search for keyboard accelerators in the default

WM_SYSKEYDOWN handler. That's already done in TranslateAccelerator?

o Send focus messages when we receive the undocumented WM_FOCUSCHANGED

PM message. Removes the need for the ugly hack to deal with nested focus changes.

  • COMCTL32: o Rebar fix for recursive size changes

2003-06-02: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

o CreateNamedPipe?: fixed return value + wrong check for duplex pipe

2003-05-29: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • COMCTL32: o Listview selection draw code was not ok with OS/2 look

2003-05-28: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • COMCTL32: o OWNERDRAW fixes for ListView? control

2003-05-27: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Do not send WM_STYLECHANGING/ED messages when the scrollbar

control is shown or hidden.

o PeekMessage? fix (regression from 5-16)

2003-05-26: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • COMCTL32: o Use the new resources from Wine.

2003-05-26: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • COMCTL32: o Listview selection draw code was incomplete due to resync.

2003-05-26: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • COMCTL32: o Patrick's 2001 fixes broke too much. Stay with ReWind? for now.

2003-05-23: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

2003-05-16: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Use our fast critical sections instead of OS/2 mutex semaphores

in the timer code.

o Handle WM_(SYS)TIMER timer calls in DispatchMessageA/W.

We previously called timer handlers when we received WM_TIMER from PM. That's not correct. These messages must be returned by Get/PeekMessage?. The handler will not be called if the timer message is not dispatched. (verified in NT4)

2003-05-16: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • USER32: o Eat first WM_MOUSEMOVE while menu tracking like windows does

to prevent 'auto-clicking' on popup menus that appear in the area of first mouse-click

2003-05-15: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Window creation: updated the coordinate fix code with the latest Rewind version

o ReleaseDC: always verify window associated with DC

  • COMCTL32: o Complete resync with latest Wine (except draglist)


(needed to get rid of a crash; very likely to be incorrect)

2003-05-14: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • GDI32: o DIB section: do not fetch more colors from a bitmap header than

biClrUsed (if != 0)

o GetDIBits: save and restore negative height & log failure

  • USER32: o Do not send any SetWindowPos? related messages if the state

of the window doesn't change.

2003-05-12: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o _lopen: wrong parsing of mode parameter

(only found now due to CreateFile? changed with dwDesiredAccess)

2003-05-07: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Added more members to the TEB structure

2003-05-06: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Fixed closing of parent file handle by duplicate memory map

o Compare file names instead of handles when checking for

duplicate file maps.

  • USER32: o ReleaseDC check if hwnd parameter is correct (WindowFromDC(hdc))

o Messagebox: Wrong ReleaseDC call

2003-05-06: knut st. osmundsen <bird-odin-spam@anduin >

  • KERNEL32: o Corrected the handling of OF_PARSE in OpenFile?.

2003-05-05: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Handle files opened with 0 for dwDesiredAccess seperately.

Those handles can only be used with a limited nr of functions (such as GetFileType/Size/Time?)

2003-05-02: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Keep track of all open window DCs

o During WM_VRNENABLED we must query the visible region

of all open DCs to ensure that GPI updates the visible region (e.g. when a window has moved). A bug in PM/GPI causes open DCs to get out of sync when moving windows with full window drag enabled. (without full window drag there is no such problem due

to the use of LockWindowUpdate?)

2003-04-30: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • USER32: o In WM_PARENTNOTIFY correctly map window coordinates for each

window we send this message to. Correctly finish PM minimize sequence. Correctly switch titlebar higlight on activate/deactivate.

2003-04-30: Dietrich Teickner <Dietrich_Teickner@t-online >

  • SHLWAPI: o Fixed PathIsUrlA/W
  • KERNEL32: o Changed dll renaming to include extension if it's not .dll
  • ODIN.INI: o Update for kernel32 change

(IMPORTANT: must update your odin.ini with this one or

delete the current file)

2003-04-27: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • USER32: o Correctly finish PM restore procedure from minimized state.

o Use Stock brush for minimized icon fill when it is not


2003-04-25: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • NTDLL: o Initialize kernel32 first (circular dependency between

kernel32 & ntdll)

2003-04-25: knut st. osmundsen <bird-odin-spam@anduin >

  • USER32: o Fake window subclass FS bugfix.

2003-04-24: knut st. osmundsen <bird-odin-spam@anduin >

  • USER32: o Fake window init bugfixes

2003-04-24: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o EndDialog?: Enable owner window regardless of whether it was

enabled before dialog creation. When the owner is disabled and we hide the dialog, then PM switches focus to another application. (hidden windows cannot have focus)

o Win32BaseWindow::GetWindowFromOS2Handle: also check fake


2003-04-24: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • USER32: o Fixed restore/maximize from minimized state for MDI windows.

2003-04-15: knut st. osmundsen <bird-odin-spam@anduin >

  • USER32: o Properties allocated from shared memory.

o Fake window updates.

2003-04-15: knut st. osmundsen <bird-odin-spam@anduin >

  • src/makefile:

o Build NTDLL too. (netlabs only)

2003-04-14: knut st. osmundsen <bird-odin-spam@anduin >

  • USER32: o Implemented SW_SHOWDEFAULT.
  • KERNEL32: o Changed initialization of StartupInfo? to take the actual

values of the CreateProcess? call (but for the strings). (not complete)

2003-04-11: knut st. osmundsen <bird-odin-spam@anduin >

  • USER32, KERNEL32, include/win/thread.h:

o Implemented WM_COPYDATA.

2002-04-11: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >


o Tool windows (WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW) don't have minimize or maximize

buttons. (testing shows this in NT4)

o Changed default hittest handler to check for WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW

(system menu & min/max buttons)

o MENU_TrackKbdMenuBar: check for WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW before using

the system menu.

o Display tool window titlebars in win32 style. They are supposed

to be thinner than standard PM titlebar controls.

2003-04-11: Dmitry Froloff <froloff@os2 >

  • KERNEL32: o Console updates

2003-04-10: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • MSVCRT : o MSVCRT updates, forwarders to stdcall functions, lots of funcs

now directly imported from NTDLL, resync with latest Wine

  • EMXLIBS : o Added yet another wrapper for FS and added some funcs for new


  • INCLUDE : o OS2SEL functions corrected for potential optimizing problems

in release build. (Bug found and corrected by Dietrich)

2002-04-09: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Unmap memory view when deleting PE dll object.

(problem found by Dietrich)

2003-04-09: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • COMCTL32: o Due to flaw in cdecl implementation of GCC temporary

correctly import _wtoi func from NTDLL

  • EMXLIBS: o Possible endless loop in OS2FS replacement funcs

(problem found by Dietrich)

2003-04-08: Platon Fomichev <platon@innotek >

  • USER32: o Treat LBUTTON press different from others in scrollbar. (WineX resync)

2002-04-08: knut st. osmundsen <Knut.Osmundsen@innotek >

  • COMDLG32: o Corrected default printer init. It was crashing with big

printer setups and not handling multiple drivers per device correctly.

2002-04-08: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Menu control: do not paint default menu item strings in bold

if in OS/2 GUI mode

2003-04-04: Platon Fomichev <platon@innotek >

  • NTDLL: o Massive update. NTDLL internal tests, almost all

string and conversion funcs. Corrected and beautified .def file

  • DOC: o Updated GCCBuildInstructions.txt for GCC 3.2.1

2003-04-03: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • WINMM: o Different method for detecting DirectAudio? (uniaud, sblive, c-media)

o Added custom build function to disable DirectAudio? (always use DART) o Waveout (DART): handle underrun properly (next buffer write

and position after continueing)

2002-04-02: knut st. osmundsen <bird-odin-spam@anduin >

2002-04-02: Yuri Dario <mc6530@mclink >


o Corrected & changed headers + source updates

  • USER32: o Button: WM_SETTEXT fix

2003-04-02: Platon Fomichev <platon@innotek >


o Corrected HFILE definition as it is in Wine and in Win2k +

header updates.


o Modified EMX headers


o Modified EMX libraries

2003-04-01: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • GDI32: o Fix for partial dibsection resyncs

2003-04-01: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • USER32: o Functions for setting custom frame/cd/window class names

2003-03-31: Dietrich Teickner <Dietrich_Teickner@t-online >

  • SHELL32: o Shell file operations update

2003-03-31: Platon Fomichev <platon@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Added vsnprintfW/snprintfW funcs for syncing with latest

wine NTDLL

2003-03-31: knut st. osmundsen <bird-odin-spam@anduin >

  • PE2LX/WIN32K:

o Custombuild feature for excluding dlls. Cleanups. o Option for making all object RW file.

  • KERNEL32: o Made Pe2Lx'ed DLLs work.

2003-03-28: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Removed changes for window tracking (move/size) with full

window dragging enabled (2003-03-27)

2003-03-27: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Don't change focus when processing mouse button message if

the top parent is a fake window

o Changes for window tracking (move/size) with full window

dragging enabled

  • KERNEL32: o Memory map updates

2003-03-26: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

prevent thread priorities from being accidentally boosted to time critical

2003-03-22: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o If an application doesn't validate the update region

while processing WM_PAINT, then we must remember it for the next time. Windows will only send a WM_PAINT once until another part of the window is invalidated. Unfortunately PM keeps on sending WM_PAINT messages until we validate the update region. This affects UpdateWindow?, RedrawWindow?, GetUpdateRgn?, GetUpdateRect?, BeginPaint? and the next WM_PAINT message.

2003-03-20: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

to the current thread

o Changes for fake windows. Moved them into a seperate C++ class

and overload some methods to correct the behaviour.

2003-03-18: Platon Fomichev <platon@innotek >

keys like (/*-+) produced garbage.

2003-03-12: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

2003-03-06: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Don't change the stack alignment if the thread has less than

128 kb stack.

  • WINMM: o Improved accuracy of waveIn/OutGetPosition. (use FPU to prevent

rounding errors)

o Added code to dump played wave data to disk (disabled by default)

2003-03-06: knut st. osmundsen <Knut.Osmundsen@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o The WIN32LOG_FILEBASE env.var. can be used to point the logfile

elsewhere. "%d.log" is added to the value.

o Print szLineExceptionType too in exception dump. o Custombuild apis for entering and leaving Odin thread context. o Added functions to quickly get the PID & TID

2003-03-05: knut st. osmundsen <bird-odin-spam@anduin >

  • MAKE: o Experimental OTHERS variable.

o Full source path to compilers.

2003-03-05: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • WINMM: o timeBegin/EndPeriod: check for upper and lower boundaries

o waveoutGetPosition: return 0 if stream is not active (DART) o waveinGetPosition: return 0 if stream is not active (DART) o Don't print a warning for CALLBACK_NULL callbacks o Added ODIN_waveInSetFixedBuffers, renamed SetFixedWaveBufferSize?

to ODIN_waveOutSetFixedBuffers. Used to tell WINMM to use the waveOutWrite buffer size for the DART buffers.

o Don't pause the wave stream if no buffers left to add. Let

DART detect the underrun condition.

2003-03-04: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • USER32: o We did not pay attention to numlock state on numpad keyboard.

2003-03-03: Dietrich Teickner <Dietrich_Teickner@t-online >

  • GDI32: o ExtTextOutA: copy string and force zero termination
  • SHELL32: o Minor updates

2003-03-03: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • WSOCK32: o Removed wrong checks for invalid address parameters in

sendto & recvfrom

2003-03-01: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o ExitProcess?: turn off hard errors & exception popups before

calling O32_ExitProcess (release build only)

o DeleteFile?: when deleting a .lnk file, verify if it's a shell

link object file. if so, delete WPS object

o ODIN_DisableFolderShellLink added: disable object creation in

Odin folder. Desktop shortcuts will still be created as WPS objects on the desktop.

o OSLibWinCreateObject: create shelllink file with WPS object id

  • USER32/KERNEL32:

o Move OSLibWinCreateObject to KERNEL32

  • SHELL32: o Shelllink: use kernel32 file functions instead of those from

the VAC crt

2003-02-28: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • SRC\makefile:

o Skip msvcrt & crtdll for now. Causes too many problems with

Odin builds.

  • KERNEL32: o Fixed CreateProcessA regression (Lotus Notes)

o Check for invalid data while measuring the CPU speed. DosTmrQueryTime?

isn't very reliable (on laptops).

o ExitProcess?: don't remove our exception handler too early o Map ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND (OS/2) to ERROR_INVALID_NAME

  • WINMM: o Protect linked timer list with VMutex object.

2003-02-28: knut st. osmundsen <Knut.Osmundsen@innotek >


o New rule cleanall which tries to wipe out all the output. o ODIN32_LIB and ODIN32_BIN is now the same for all the CCENVs.

(AFAIK we no longer try compile stuff with many compiles, but

stick too the once which are working, VAC3 or EMX that is.)

o Linenumbers in release mode. o Pass full source file names to compilers so the debugger easier

will find the the right source.

o Defined STATIC_CRT in src/win32k/utils. o Profiling: Link with kProfile.lib when DEBUG= and PROFILE=1.

Configured this for EMX targets too. (state: Experimental)

2003-02-28: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • USER32: o Wrong checks on restoration point remembering. Maximizing

window from PM icon using keyboard or menu produced wrong controls.

2003-02-27: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o VirtualAlloc?: fixed handling of commit for a page range

that is not entirely reserved (contains committed pages)

o Don't call WinMessageBox? in the unhandled exception filter as

that can hang PM.

2003-02-27: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • USER32: o Illegal PM sequence of maximizing from icon state corrected.

Inter-thread controls change caused PM lockups. Rewrote PM window frame controls manipulation procedure.

2000-02-27: Achim Hasenmueller <achimha@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o MoveFile?: detect if source and target file names are on a

different drive and use DosCopy/DosDelete? instead of DosMove? in this case.

2003-02-26: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • RICHED32: o Rewrote control; no longer creates a child Edit window as this

doesn't happen in Windows and breaks subclassing

o EM_CHARFROMPOS is different for RichEdit? controls (lParam is

a POINTL pointer)


2003-02-25: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Bugfix for WPS object creation
  • RICHED32: o Added support for EM_SETCHARFORMAT (text & background color)


2003-02-24: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • WS2_32: o Implemented non-overlapped WSARecv & WSASend.
  • WSOCK32: o check for local host name in gethostbyname. if identical,

then use "localhost" instead

  • KERNEL32: o GetFullPathNameA: don't change the input string

o Added ODIN_IsWin32App export to determine whether an app

is a win32 or os2 binary.

  • USER32: o Changes for creating WPS objects (win32/os2 app)

o Added function to convert an icon group in memory

  • SHELL32: o Convert win32 icon file to os2 format when creating a shell link.

2003-02-23: knut st. osmundsen <bird@anduin >


o A tool for generating alias records from an .def file.

Something I wrote will playing with NTDLL here.

2003-02-22: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • WS2_32: o Added WSARecv(From) & WSASend(To) stubs

2003-02-22: Platon Fomichev <stauff@innotek >

  • USER32: o Restoring maximized window from iconic state caused window

frame controls to behave badly. General out-of-sync problems with frame controls. Invisibility of frame controls after lots of minimizing/restoring.

2003-02-22: Dietrich Teickner <Dietrich_Teickner@t-online >

  • SHELL32: o Shell file operation updates

2003-02-20: knut st. osmundsen <Knut.Osmundsen@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Added custombuild API for registering a callback for LX Dll

loading thru LoadLibrary?*().

2003-02-18: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Touch last stack page using ESP. (just in case)

o Cleaned up memory map code.

2003-02-17: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >


  • USER32: o Single Alt down + up always generates WM_SYSKEYUP; reset

iMenuSysKey on WM_KEYUP, so the system menu isn't accidentally activated.

2003-02-16: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o ToAscii?: fixed wrong checks for VK_SHIFT/CONTROL/MENU

o Fixed broken implementation of GetKeyState?, GetAsyncKeyState?

and GetKeyboardState?

o Do not translate WM_KEYUP to WM_SYSKEYUP if AltGr? released

and KC_LONEKEY flag is set. (only for Alt)

o GetKeyboardState?, GetKeyState?, GetAsyncKeyState?:

pretend left Ctrl key is pressed if AltGr? down.

  • PMKBDHK: o Special handling of AltGr? key. Must send Ctrl key messages

like Windows.

2003-02-14: Dietrich Teickner <Dietrich_Teickner@t-online >

  • SHELL32: o Shell file operation updates

2003-02-13: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Handle SetFocus?(0) correctly: keystrokes are converted into


o DrawFocusRect?: conflict between SetROP2(R2_XORPEN) and

SetBkMode?(TRANSPARENT); commenting out the latter for now.

  • SHELL32: o Control panel Wine resync
  • KERNEL32: o Added ODIN_SetTIBSwitch function to override TIB selector


o Forward RtlZero/Move/FillMemory? to ntdll

  • NTDLL: o Cleaned up

2003-02-11: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o When a window is activated by a mouse click, we must set

focus to the client window (and not the frame!).

o GetSysColor?: always return cached colors

2003-02-10: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Touch all stack pages we skip in the out of stack workaround for

16 bits code. Jumping over the guard page causes a protection violation exception.

(experiments show EnumThreadWindows? in NT4 behaves like this)

2003-02-07: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >


o Rename resource directory

  • USER32: o Don't save position (for restore) in SetWindowPos? if window

is minimized .

2002-02-06: Dietrich Teickner <Dietrich_Teickner@t-online >

  • USER32: o Edit control: fixed heap corruption in undo buffer

2003-02-06: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • ODINCRT: o Rewrote critical sections to be safe on SMP systems

(previous implementation had one flaw that happened

to be triggered often on my SMP machine)

  • USER32: o Edit control: Always kill the timer if in captured state.

The app can call ReleaseCapture? before we get the WM_LBUTTONUP message.

o Send WM_QUERYNEWPALETTE when a window receives focus o Translate WM_REALIZEPALETTE into WM_PALETTECHANGED

  • GDI32: o Must manually correct y coordinates for DIB section blit since

we reset the y inversion back to 0. (subtract twice the viewport & windows origin y)

o CreateDIBSection: don't get palette from DC if bitmap bits provided

2003-02-05: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Check ESP when calling the entrypoint of a newly created thread.

If close to a 64kb boundary, adjust it. Some ancient 16 bits code will crash if there's not enough stack left.

2003-02-04: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

o Fixed command line parsing regression

2003-02-02: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • INCLUDE\makefiles:

o Define STATIC_CRT for all exe targets

2003-01-30: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

and command line strings

2003-01-29: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o OS/2 Look & Feel is now default

o Use OS/2 colors again in OS/2 L&F mode

2003-01-28: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Don't use DrawFocusRect? from WGSS anymore
  • GDI32: o Fixes for InternalTextOutA without y-inversion (not activated)

2003-01-27: Platon Fomichev <platon@innotek >

  • INCLUDE: o Illegal calling convention specified for _System calling

convention in headers for GCC. Bugs in ASM code for SetFS RestoreFS.

  • NTDLL: o In C++ files specify extern "C" for _System calling convention

as well. Affected _DLL_InitTerm

2003-01-23: knut st. osmundsen <bird-odin-spam@…>


o Define STATIC_CRT so wrapper headers doesn't kick in.

2003-01-23: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • INCLUDE\*.mk:

o Don't use include\incl_vac for statically linked targets

(e.g. tools)

  • ODINCRT: o Added wrappers for new & delete operators

o Link with static CRT library

  • MAKE\setup.mak:

o Only add include\incl_vac if not building an odin32 app

2003-01-23: Platon Fomichev <platon@innotek >

  • DOC: o Added build instructions for GCC
  • NTDLL: o Made initntdll a C file to remove C++ GCC stuff for now

and added RtlBitmap? support from Wine.

  • INCLUDE: o Correced odinlx.h header - problem while compiling with

C compiler.

2003-01-22: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • ODINCRT: o Renamed wrapper functions
  • INCLUDE\incl_vac:

o Changed VAC headers to rename memory and file functions

(those that change FS when called)

  • MAKE, INCLUDE\*.mk:

o Add include\incl_vac first to include path (/I)

2003-01-22: Platon Fomichev <platon@innotek >

  • NTDLL: o Dll load/unload changes

2003-01-21: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • DDRAW: o Removed dependency on dive.dll. Load it on demand.
  • USER32: o Moved debug wrapper for DDE to dde.cpp

2003-01-19: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Only load LVM.DLL when we actually need it.

o CreateProcess? bugfix for thread id if launched directly o CreateFile? returns ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS if file not found


o Check and correct process type in thread wrapper. WinCreateMsgQueue?

fails for non-PM apps. We set it to PM in the VIO loader, but apparently it can be changed back.

2003-01-18: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

the specified file or directory isn't present. (OS/2 returns ERROR_NO_MORE_FILES)

2003-01-16: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Fixed heap corruption in CreateProcess? (with current dir)
  • USER32: o Only the combo bitmap header is wrong; the others are fine

(regression from 2003-01-05)

2003-01-16: Platon Fomichev <platon@innotek >

  • NTDLL: o Changes for building dll with GCC

2003-01-15: Platon Fomichev <platon@innotek >

  • MSVCRT: o Updates
  • VERSION: o Don't use crtdll
  • INCLUDE: o Updates for GCC builds

2003-01-14: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • WINMM: o Delete all wave object on unload

o Fix linked list synchronization

2003-01-13: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Don't allocate selectors anymore. Allocate tiled memory

and call Dos32FlatToSel.

o Get default stack size from PE header. o Thread handles not closed properly.

2003-01-12: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@xs4all >

  • KERNEL32: o Ported QueryDosDeviceA/W from Rewind

Return all valid drive letters in QueryDosDeviceA/W(NULL) Return full device name for drive letters

o Implemented IOCTL_SCSI_GET_CAPABILITIES o Do not fail CDIO init if media not present

2003-01-10: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Don't close handle in CloseHandle? if HANDLE_FLAG_PROTECT_FROM_CLOSE

flag set.

o Implemented Set/GetHandleInformation? o CreateFile?: create handles that are not inherited by child

processes by default Only enable inheritance if specified in security struct

o Create(Named)Pipe: default = not inherited by child processes

Only enable inheritance if specified in security struct.

o DuplicateHandle?; set inheritance flag with SetHandleInformation? o CreateProcess?: support for setting stdin/out/err handles

of child process

o PeekNamedPipe?: - return ERROR_BROKEN_PIPE when used for unnamed

pipes (which is not allowed in OS/2) (workaround)

  • USER32: o ScrollDC bugfix; must convert rectangle returned by GetClipBox?

to device coordinates

2003-01-10: Platon Fomichev <platon@innotek >

  • MSVCRT: o Updates
  • CRTDLL: o Wine port (forwarder dll to msvcrt)

2003-01-10: Herwig Bauernfeind <herwig.bauernfeind@aon >

  • ODINBUG: o Updated to version 0.5.8

2003-01-08: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >


o GetTimeZoneInformation?: read info from registery if present;

otherwise call WGSS

o RegQueryValue?(Ex)W: workaround to return bytes for strings

must always be executed when lpcbData != NULL.

2003-01-07: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Convert color masks to b&w in CreateIconIndirect?
  • RICHED32: o Don't forward WM_NCCALCSIZE to Edit control or else the

richedit parent's client area is resized. We already resize the Edit child in the WM_SIZE handler.

o Wrong call to ctordtorTerm; removed it and ctordtorInit

since there's no C++ code in that dll anyway.

  • ODININST: o Parse TZ environment variable and save timezone information

to the registry. (default is CET if not found)

2003-01-06: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • WSOCK32: o Better method to cancel all async requests in WSACleanup
  • USER32: o Invalidate window when it's resized and SWP_NOCOPYBITS

is specified.

o Fixed icon leak in IconForWindow? method (call LoadImageA

with LR_SHARED flag to reuse icons)

2003-01-06: Platon Fomichev <platon@innotek >

  • ConfigureGCC.cmd, INCLUDE\win\msvcrt, INCLUDE\emx makefiles MSVCRT:

o Wine port of MSVCRT (build with GCC)

2003-01-05: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Added ODIN_SetDllLoadCallback; install a dll load hook

that's called as soon as all exports are processed (so before any code is executed that can use the dll)

o Added ODIN_SetProcAddress; override a name or ordinal export

  • USER32: o Corrected wrong bitmap headers in resources

o Added workaround for handling black & white cursors

2002-01-05: Dietrich Teickner <Dietrich_Teickner@t-online >

  • USER32: o Return MA_NOACTIVATE in listbox WM_MOUSEACTIVATE handler.

(apparently not necessary anymore in Wine; so probably

caused by something else)

2003-01-04: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Corrected drawing of menubar in OS/2 L&F mode (when highlighted)

o Fixed handling of single ALT to select menu o Use different color for highlighted menus (OS/2 L&F)

  • GDI32: o Removed broken handling of TA_RIGHT in TextOut?

o Flip bitmap in GetDIBits if height is negative o Only return bitfield data in GetDIBits if compression set

to BI_BITFIELDS (and lpvBits is not NULL)

2003-01-03: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Merged Rewind menu control

o Fixed GetSystemMetrics?(SM_CXMENUCHECK); should be 13 o Always use windows system colors (even in OS/2 L&F mode)

2002-01-03: Dietrich Teickner <Dietrich_Teickner@t-online >

WGSS expects/returns ascii strings instead of unicode.

2003-01-02: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • KERNEL32: o Set the codepage of the message queue for each new thread

that is created. (done for the main thread in user32)

  • USER32: o Fix for composite keyboard character translation

(e.g. on german keyboards)

o SystemParametersInfoA fix for SPI_GETNONCLIENTMETRICS in

OS/2 L&F (font height must be negative)

o Deactivate window when hiding it to force PM to switch focus.

(Note: might cause regressions!)

o Fixed behaviour of SetFocus?(NULL); should return the current

focus window.

2003-01-01: Sander van Leeuwen <sandervl@innotek >

  • USER32: o Fixes for windows with an iconless class and WS_EX_DLGMODALFRAME

style. (they shouldn't have a system menu) (either right after creation or when the app add this extended

style later on)

o Remove minimize or maximize controls when the app requests it

(OS/2 GUI mode)

  • GDI32: o Cleaned up SetDIBitsToDevice
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