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Winrar 4.x does not work

Reported by: abwillis Owned by: abwillis
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Winrar 3.x worked very well under Odin but 4.x calls SHAutoComplete from shlwapi and it is not available. The following diff creates a stub which then allows Winrar 4.01 and 4.10b4 to work.

Index: url.c
--- url.c	(revision 21813)
+++ url.c	(working copy)
@@ -184,6 +184,15 @@
+ *      SHAutoComplete  	[SHLWAPI.@]
+ */
+HRESULT WINAPI SHAutoComplete(HWND hwndEdit, DWORD dwFlags)
+  FIXME("SHAutoComplete stub\n");
+  return S_FALSE;
  *        UrlCanonicalizeA     [SHLWAPI.@]
  * Uses the W version to do job.
Index: shlwapi.def
--- shlwapi.def	(revision 21813)
+++ shlwapi.def	(working copy)
@@ -478,7 +478,7 @@
     PathUnquoteSpacesA     = _PathUnquoteSpacesA@4                @1157
     PathUnquoteSpacesW     = _PathUnquoteSpacesW@4                @1158
-;   SHAutoComplete         = _SHAutoComplete@8                    @1159
+    SHAutoComplete         = _SHAutoComplete@8                    @1159
   ; SHCopyKeyA             = _SHCopyKeyA@?                        @1160
   ; SHCopyKeyW             = _SHCopyKeyW@?                        @1161
     SHCreateShellPalette   = _SHCreateShellPalette@4              @1162

I have some other changes in my tree that I cannot remember why they are there, I think I had them to build msvcrt.dll and I do not want to mistakenly commit them and I want to make sure I don't have any other issues crop up from the stub before I commit anyhow.

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comment:1 Changed 9 years ago by abwillis

Have not seen any problems with it and the stub has been enough to get Winrar 4.x to work (installers are not working for some other reason, but the installer is a rar file so it can just be unrared... used Winrar 3.9 here). Committed revision 21819.

comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by abwillis

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