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     3=== 2006-09-18 ===
     4Now everybody is able to create new tickets. Hopefully somebody will use this...
     5=== 2006-09-17 ===
     6Some more string util functions are written and tested. This was required to fix some bugs with links to external programs.
     7=== 2006-09-15 ===
     8The Ticket system and the Roadmap are configured now.
     9=== 2006-08-19 ===
     10A small bug in the command line parser is fixed. Also a first version of the unit test "'framework" is added. Will try to write as much tests as
     11possible to guarantee stability.
     12=== 2006-08-06 ===
     13I made my first real changes. Major parts of the command line handling are rewritten. This solves some restrictions with quoting. A beta version is available at [].
     14=== 2006-07-20 ===
     15Major parts are now in the repository. The core stuff is in, all the small tools, the c source and the installer source will follow the next days.
     16=== 2006-07-11 ===
     17Back from vacation. The whole sybil part is checked in. Also i made some modifications on the build system.
     18Documentation of the build will follow, if the checkin is complete.
     19Some extensions are made for the online help.
     20=== 2006-06-18 ===
     21Checkin of the sources is started. First i checked in the i18n things. Hopefully this makes the job of the translators a little bit easier.