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Persistent startup crash when NetDrive control program is active

Reported by: Lewis Rosenthal Owned by:
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Component: NewView Version: 2.19
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I finally chased this one down and figured out why it was coming and going.


When ndctl.exe (the NetDrive daemon) is running and the following plugins are loaded:

ndpftp ndpsmb ndpntfs ndpdav ndpfat ndpiso

upon starting NewView, the following crash is reported and recorded:

App Version: V2.19.4
Components Version: v1.11.26
Library Version: V1.5.14

Running as process: C:\ECS\BIN\NEWVIEW.EXE
31 January 2017, 20:39:04
Exception type: EGPFault
Description: Access violation exception (EGPFault) occured
at CS:EIP  =$0000005B:$000E5B67
Location: $000E5B67
System version:20.45.0
  OS/2 4.5
RAM: 1982 MB
Boot drive: C
Video resolution: 1400x1050
Color depth: 32 bits
Loaded files (2):

Further, when selecting No (do not exit the program) following the startup crash, and subsequently searching all help files, attempting to open the directory selection window fails (this is what put me onto NetDrive in the first place).

I suspect it is the Samba plugin, as that is the plugin currently seeing most development activity, and this issue did not occur until I was in the middle of testing new Samba builds. I will confirm by disabling Samba and rebooting.

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Summary: Psersistent startup crash when NetDrive control program is activePersistent startup crash when NetDrive control program is active
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