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FreeSwitch LDAP Schema

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Define a schema for LDAP user management for FreeSwitch?. Compare it with the one for OpenSER for example

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I had some discussion with the FreeSWITCH main coder about LDAP:

<@anthm> FS has the "directory interface" which is a wrapper to ldap like interface
<@anthm> and there is a mod_ldap plugin to that
<@anthm> and a mod_xml_ldap to bind xml lookups to ldap
<@anthm> i don't know if it's documented skopii was the last to work on it
<@anthm> ~wiki ldap
* c888 09:52 try
< ktk> there is no page ldap ;)
< ktk> anthm: ok tnx will have a look at it once I find some time
< ktk> and talk to skopii
<@anthm> if you can find skopii he did some coding on it so he probably can explain it pretty well
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