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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1 fCMS Migration ktk defect normal fCMS migration fCMS (webpage)
#2 Fundraising campaign for new hardware ktk task normal New hardware for server
#3 Finish the DB interface for fCMS ktk enhancement normal fCMS migration fCMS (webpage)
#6 OpenLDAP for SSO ktk task normal server
#7 Create a blog for ktk task normal server
#8 Create SVN for SWT Port ktk defect normal Subversion
#9 Add screenshot gallery ktk enhancement normal Projects
#11 LDAP directory ktk enhancement normal server
#12 Install a Jabber server ktk enhancement normal XMPP Server (Jabber)
#15 FTPD time difference ktk defect normal server
#17 TRAC plugin request ktk enhancement normal TRAC
#19 Full LDAP integration ktk task normal server
#21 Create Genmac SVN ktk task normal Projects
#25 extend admin interface: allow addition of news and link items ktk defect normal fCMS (webpage)
#30 WebDAV for 'ftp' upload ktk enhancement normal server
#31 mailto links are broken ktk defect normal TRAC
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