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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#4 Aggregated RSS feeds of TRAC changes new enhancement normal server
#5 Roles for contributors new task normal server
#10 Stuff for Chris new defect normal server
#13 Screenshot gallery new enhancement normal server
#14 Move DWS pages to page new task normal server
#16 Add more status to "resolution" field new enhancement normal TRAC
#18 Navigation bar is not up to date on every page new defect normal fCMS (webpage)
#20 FreeSwitch LDAP Schema new task normal SIP Server (VoIP)
#22 FTP links on project web pages should show filesize and MD5 checksums of linked file assigned enhancement normal fCMS (webpage)
#23 Implement css class for links to provide indentation new enhancement normal fCMS (webpage)
#24 readd top news to main project pages new enhancement normal fCMS (webpage)
#27 Sort entries on download page by date, newest first new enhancement normal fCMS (webpage)
#28 readd date and author to display of news items new defect normal fCMS (webpage)
#29 Migrate Blog to fCMS new enhancement normal fCMS (webpage)
#32 pastebin @ netlabs new enhancement normal fCMS (webpage)
#33 Provide OpenID for user accounts new enhancement normal fCMS (webpage)
#26 Create web forum at assigned enhancement low Projects
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