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Corrected UTC time EPM Distribution (NEPMD)

NEPMD is an add-on for EPM, the Enhanced Editor of OS/2. NEPMD

  • adds the EPM loader to start EPM in a special environment
  • adds a library DLL
  • replaces all of the original macro files.

The installation copies the EPM loader to a path, which comes before the original EPM path in the PATH statement. That makes it replace the original EPM for the WPS and CMD, without physically replacing it.

1. Features

It comes with countless features and bug fixes for both programmers and standard users, e.g.:

  • user-friendly default configuration
  • improved keyword highlighting
  • configurable color schemes and info bars
  • new menu, toolbar and additional keyset
  • mode-dependent configuration including syntax expansion with coding styles and expression matching
  • improved command shell features
  • easier configuration to avoid macro recompilation.

2. Changes

See the Changes page.

3. Prerequisites

NEPMD screenshot with List tags window

EPM 6.03b should be installed by your OS/2 or eComStation installation program. As an (not recommended) alternative, you can also install the EPM package for Warp 3 users.

WarpIN should be installed, preferably the latest version.


Latest version

Version 1.19 (2018-10-19):

It can be considered as an alpha version of 2.00. The only reason, why it's not named 2.00, is that it lacks updated documentation.

Outdated versions

Version 1.18 (2018-02-20):

It can be considered as an alpha version of 2.00. The only reason, why it's not named 2.00, is that it lacks updated documentation.

Version 1.00 (2002):

Future releases

NEPMD has changed extremely, compared to the last release version 1.00.

Updated documentation is needed to find how to take advantage of the many new features. Some are self-explaining (e.g. by the menu items), but some are not.

Therefore the version 2.00 is planned to ship with a usable set of documentation files. For people who like to try out new features without any existing documentation, preliminary beta and alpha versions are planned.

The version 2.00 beta will be released when everything except a recent documentation is included. This will include also a major change of the macro filenames, where macro code is placed and how files are assigned to WarpIN packages.

EPM package for Warp 3 users

This WarpIN package was assembled from the EPMBBS files. The latest available version is older than EPM 6.03b of Warp 4.

To install it, copy it to the directory of the main WPI file before starting the installation.

5. Source code

Browse files

All files

Check out the trunk. That suffices in most cases:

md nepmd
cd nepmd
svn checkout

If you really want to check out the entire archive (trunk, tags and branches):

md nepmd
cd nepmd
svn checkout

Branches and tags

In the past it was avoided to create branches. Additionally, with the change from CVS to SVN, it doesn't make much sense to create tags copied from the trunk anymore. A special version can always be checked out by adding the -r <rev_num> option.

Revision number Version number Build date time (UTC)
3209 1.19 2018-10-19 19:30:00
2948 1.18 2018-02-20 20:00:00

6. About the status of the current repository

The trunk contains the most recent files. It should always be kept compilable and installable. In the past, the trunk version was always of much more value than any outdated version.

Help files

The NEPMD help files are outdated. The same applies to the EPM help, where much of its content refers to the old 16-bit version for EPM 5.

Adding recent help files to NEPMD is planned, but will take much time.

National language support

The current version of the NEPMD is not prepared for translation. Output strings are not separated from source code, so it makes no sense to translate it now.

7. Reporting bugs and mailing lists

You're welcome to post your bugs on the bug tracker.

The decision was made to use trac's bug tracker instead of xTracker.

For questions, you could use the user list (still not restored since the Gmane server crash) on:

or the newsgroup on:


If you compile NEPMD yourself, you could use the developer list (still not restored since the Gmane server crash) on:

or the newsgroup on:


For more infos about the lists and for the newsgroup or mailing list interfaces, see here:

The NEPMD list names are nepmd-user and nepmd-dev.

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